Friday, June 5, 2009

Why is my dog clucking?


My dog, Gidget, is awfully smart for a big ol' chicken. She's got things pretty well figured out, especially when it comes to avoiding getting wet. Her strategy? Use me as a shield. Yeah.

My husband was outside using a pressure washer today. I walked out to talk to him and Gidget followed behind me. She'd been following me all afternoon and it was starting to drive me a bit nuts. Anyway, Gidget saw that my husband was doing something with water, so she stopped a little way off. I complained explained to my husband about being followed, so he decided to shoot some water her way. Not to worry, the water from the pressure washer came nowhere near her. But it did go toward her. So she started bobbing and weaving to avoid the water. Yeah, the water that was nowhere near her. After a couple of those moves, Gidget decided on the best course of action: Stand right behind me. If I moved, she moved with me. I tried to flip around so I'd be behind her, but she's a bit quicker than I am. Yes, if my husband wanted to get the dog wet, he'd have to go through me first. So much for my guard dog. Oh well, at least she stopped following me after that.


Helen said...

Poor maligned creature....She probably was planning a surprise attack.

katdish said...

Your dog doesn't like getting wet? That's weird. My dog likes to roll in water. Preferably if it comes from the septic sprinklers.

Ann said...

Dogs are a trip. I just ran with my dog that barks at everything from our front window but as we were running we passed a cat that scared him so bad he wouldn't move until I scared the thing off. Silly dog.