Friday, June 24, 2011

Short but sweet. Ish.

The one-liners

Playing my first game of Hanging With Friends. I will not become addicted. I will not become addicted. I will not become addicted. Yeah.

For the love of Gumby! Someone play Hanging With Friends with me! (I don't have a problem. I can stop at any time. I just don't wanna.)

'emo' is not acceptable on #wwf. No wonder they're so sad.

RT @funnyoneliners If you're talking about a creature that just wants to gulp down a huge meal and then sleep all day, then yes, I would call myself a cougar.

If hot wheels designed the tracks I'd watch NASCAR. RT @GoferDad

It's a good thing my mirror can't point and laugh. RT @minealone6

RT @DeathStarPR Is turning to the Dark Side easy? YES. Seductive? YES. Fun? YES. Will people get hurt? NO. Okay, probably. But only bad people

Love this video. I mean, who doesn't love to torment their dog?

The ones that are a little longer

weightwhat Good morning! Who wants to entertain me?

kelybreez @weightwhat Don't you generally entertain yourself?

weightwhat @kelybreez Usually. But I've heard all of my jokes now. Darnitall.

SarahBeeC @weightwhat here ya are!

weightwhat @SarahBeeC Not for long! I need to get a move on. Don't ask which move.

The ones that are even longer

kelybreez My favorite are

kelybreez Bluebirds. Those are my favorite.

weightwhat @kelybreez Smiling is my favorite.

kelybreez @weightwhat Singing and smiling.

weightwhat @kelybreez And syrup.

katdish And in the category of Scary things found under my daughter's sink, I present:


weightwhat @katdish Is it alive?

katdish @weightwhat I think it's dead. But only mostly dead.

weightwhat @katdish You should go through its pockets and look for loose change.

RT @br8kthru DO NOT FEAR THE BEARDS! Check out great posts from this week in the Light Friday Hit List:


weightwhat @br8kthru How did you know that I secretly fear beards?

SarahBeeC @weightwhat @br8kthru what about bearded clowns?

weightwhat @SarahBeeC AAAAAAAA!!!!!

melissa_rae My Princess Pootie Pants turns 5yo today! It will be a day full of pink & sparkles! #fb

weightwhat @melissa_rae But what will SHE be wearing?

melissa_rae How'd you know I was talking about my hubs?

weightwhat @melissa_rae I had an inkling.

Helenatrandom @weightwhat Knock knock

weightwhat @Helenatrandom Who's there?

Helenatrandom @weightwhat the

weightwhat @Helenatrandom The who?

Helenatrandom @weightwhat YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am shocked to be included! We never seem to be on at the same time. That dog video was absolutely hilarious. Thanks Wendy.

Helen said...

I'm honored to be on your twitter post this week!

That doggie was so cute!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is....I've been entertained! Thanks.