Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life is Funny - Mystery Meat (a repost)

Today's Life is Funny post is actually a repost. Hey, I'm sick so I have a good excuse. And no, not that kind of sick. Anyway, enjoy!


The other day, I gave my lovely readers a chance to throw out ideas on what they thought I should write about. So today's topic, cafeteria food, is brought to you by Heather. If you like what you read today, tell me about it in the comments. If you don't like it, feel free to comment on Heather's blog. :o)

Oh cafeteria food... Is it a punishment? A curse? Or just a rite of passage? I've mentioned what cafeteria food did for me in an old post (see #20), and while that was entertaining, it wasn't exactly something I could add to my resume. And while being turned into a gas giant may just seem like playful fun dished up by a lady in a hairnet, cafeteria food at my school also had a dark underbelly.

An evil underbelly.

They would hide things in the food there. Vile, ugly, evil things. Yes folks, they hid mushrooms in the food. Mushrooms! That's fungus that grows in cow poo! Why would I want to put that in my mouth? Fortunately, I was on to their scheme early on in my college career, and I knew to look for said mushrooms so I could pick them out.

But one day, my luck ran out.

Poor, innocent me went to the cafeteria to find the sustenance I'd need to make it through the day when I was greeted by the menu board which said "cheeseburgers." No one's afraid of a little cheeseburger, right? I was lulled into a feeling of safety with this meal. I brought my cheeseburger over to a table and sat down. Just to give myself some peace of mind, I lifted up the bun to make sure that there were no surprises waiting for me. Cheese and meat - I was safe. Or was I...? They set me up with a false sense of security, then WHAM! As soon as I bit into that burger, I knew that evil was afoot. Because hidden under the cheese was a pile of mushrooms! Who does that?! I could almost hear that hairnetted lady behind the counter snickering. Okay evil lunch lady, you won that time, but I lived to tell the story and spread the word to all who will listen:

Never trust anyone in a hairnet.

Hey, you look like you've got a funny life. Why don't you tell us about it? Join the Life is Funny Carnival. Really, we're laughing with you.


Helen said...

Sorry hon. I like mushrooms. Still like me? I promise I won't hide any in your food when you come to visit..

Casey said...

Oh that is funny! I happen to absolutely LOVE mushrooms. I like them on everything. :)

Jeff Selph said...

Nothings beat coming home smelling like a cafeteria. My wife will have nothing to do with me if I smell like cafeteria beef.

jasonS said...

I'm another mushroom eater- love them. But the story is funny and I feel that way about pickles. I don't know why, but I can't stand them...