Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My dirty little secret

Okay, yes. It's been a very long time since I've done a blog post. So long, that Katdish was getting on my case about it yesterday. Not that it takes all that much to get Katdish on your case, but still. Of course, I had no ideas for blog posts. Katdish said I should make something up, but after much pondering, I've decided to go with a deep dark truth about myself...

Hello, my name is Wendy and I'm addicted to Q-tips.


Shocking, I know. I just can't help myself! Yes, I've heard that you're not supposed to stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. But really? If a Q-tip wasn't supposed to go in your ear, why is it the perfect size for it?

I could lie and say that I can stop any time. But I can't! They call to me... As soon as I get out of the shower, I hear their siren's song, "Put me in your ears, Wendy! You need us! Your ears will be waxy without us!" Who am I to ignore that? Truth be told, I have tried to go without. It was awful. I spent the whole day thinking about my ears and what might be lurking in them. So I gave up. I'll continue to buy Q-tips in bulk until my dying day. I love them so.

Now you know.

Don't judge me.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Hello, and welcome to another round of Saturday Silliness! As if I really need an excuse for silliness...

On today's episode, I'll be sharing one of my all-time favorite cartoon shows with you - Pinky and the Brain. Oh, how I love that show. I have no idea why they stopped making that and the Animaniacs show. It's just criminal, I tell ya. Anyway, for those who are not in the know, Pinky and Brain are two lab mice who try every night to take over the world. Comedy gold! And in every episode, Brain will ask Pinky, "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Pinky's answers always tickle me. So now, I'm sharing some of them with you. Enjoy!

And if you'd like to see more of Pinky's answers, feel free to click here. Go ahead. It will make your life complete.

At this point, I usually tell you to head over to Kathy's blog for more silliness. You can still head over there (I'm sure there will be more links in her carnival), but I'd appreciate if you'd visit her site and send up some prayers for her husband who is in the hospital. Show some bloggy love, people!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Life is Funny - My Peeps


We had a new delivery this week in the Weight...What? household. Baby chicks! They came in the mail. Yes, in the mail. I went to the post office to pick up a little peeping box. And they are the cutest little things!



My daughter is smitten. If she's awake and home, she wants to be with the chicks. Who can blame her? Look at those little faces and fluffy bodies! And they're so entertaining to watch! We have one who has big dreams of escaping the box. She stares up at the top of the box, then suddenly leaps into the air. No, she's not even close to making it out, but she keeps trying. The other chicks freak out every time that one makes an attempt. Pretty funny to watch.

So as I mentioned, the chicks are kept in a box here. At first we had the box in the laundry room on the counter (to keep them away from a very interested dog). While up there, my daughter wasn't able to get to them to pick them up, so I was on pick-up duty. It became a joke around here that I was "The Claw" because I was always reaching in and grabbing them.

Oh, and their names? Marshmallow (Peep), Nugget and Noodle. 'Cuz that's how we roll around here.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's Saturday Silliness time! And you thought I'd forgotten. Okay, I kind of did. But only because I saw something shiny have been very busy. But it's here now, and I'm sure your life will be all the better for it. Now, on with the show!

Now for more fun and frivolity, how about checking out Kathy's blog? You never know what you're going to find over there!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is Funny - That's a strange souvenir


Way back when I was in 6th grade, my family went on a cruise to the Caribbean. Imagine my surprise when Julie McCoy and Gopher were nowhere to be seen. What was up with that? Anyway, it was our first cruise and it was lovely.

One of the activities that they offered at the different ports was snorkeling. You could rent your gear on the boat and they even gave you a snazzy t-shirt to go along with it that said "Dive In" on the back. That being the decided upon activity, my parents grabbed their gear and we were on our way.

Something I should point out here, that my mom is fair skinned. Very fair skinned. And it's awfully sunny and hot in the Caribbean. So she did what we pale folks often do and wore her t-shirt into the water to try to block out as much sun as possible. So we spent a lovely day on the beach.

Did you know that you can get sunburned through fabric? Yeah. My mom found that out the hard way. But wait! There's more. The t-shirt that she got sunburned through? It was the "Dive In" shirt she had gotten earlier. Only the lettering on the shirt was able to block the sun. So when my mom took the t-shirt off, on her very red back were the white words "Dive In." Nice. I wish we had pictures of that...

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Women: Know your limits! Riiiight.

Welcome to another round of Saturday Silliness! And today's clip is silly, indeed. Watch and be amazed...

Now if that's not enough for you, head on over to Kathy's blog for even more of a hullaballoo.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mmmm... Donuts

It's Thursday and I'm writing a post. What could bring me out of my mid-week stupor? Donuts! Mmmm... Donuts... But not just any donuts - free donuts! Were two sweeter words ever spoke? I think not! Prepare yourself, people. Tomorrow is National Donut Day! Who can resist that? But Wendy, one may ask, where can I find those elusive free donuts? I'm a giver, so here ya go:

Krispy Kreme - One free donut, no purchase necessary.

Dunkin' Donuts - Free donut with drink purchase. Hey, I hear the coffee is good there.

LaMars - Free Ray's Original Glazed Donut, no purchase necessary.

Shipley Do-Nuts - Free glazed donut until noon with purchase.

Tim Hortons - Free donut with beverage purchase. (Click on link to get coupon.)

You have a whole day to plan your donut escapades tomorrow. Is there more than one of these donut shops in your area? Now, I'm not suggesting that you hit every donut shop possible... Okay, I totally am suggesting that. Hey! They're mostly free! But as a caution, you might want to give your local shop a call to make sure they're really participating. I won't go into what happened last year on National Donut Day when I went to my local Krispy Kreme and they weren't participating. Let's just say there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Now get those donuts, people!