Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't open that refrigerator!


Around this time every year, I start to get a craving. This is not just your regular have it once and you're satisfied cravings, but the kind where you aren't happy until you've consumed every bit of the item within a 5 mile radius. Yes, I start to crave turkey.

I've never understood the people who get tired of having turkey leftovers. And leftovers are a problem because...? Feel free to ship 'em my way!

I think my biggest problem is that I must rely on others for turkey. In all my years, I've never cooked a turkey. Thanksgiving is never at my house, so there's never been a need for me to give it a try. Ham, I've got down. Come over for Christmas or Easter and you're in for some pretty good ham. But don't expect an invite for Thanksgiving.

So for now, I'm stuck begging for leftovers. Thanksgiving this year will be at my house (due to a power outage at my folks house), but my mom will be coming over to make the turkey. But I already have a scheme to enable my turkey hoarding. Of course, I want to keep as much turkey as possible, so I have devised a plan to cause a distraction so that no one will see me whisking away the turkey leftovers to be hidden in my own refrigerator. That, and my folks don't have power, so there's no use in them taking home leftovers...

For anyone else who might be cooking turkey for the first time, I found the following helpful video. Enjoy!

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Rebecca on The Homefront said...

LOL, you can't go wrong with the Muppets. "TUUURkey!"

I never understood why people don't like the leftovers, either. More for us, I guess! Enjoy your turkey. :)