Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is Funny - Ben & Jerry's loves me


I love a good bargain. I really do. But nothing thrills me to the core like free stuff. And free ice cream?! What, have I died and gone to Heaven? Oh yeah. And tomorrow is Ben & Jerry's annual Free Cone Day. They're doing it for my birthday because they love me. They don't actually know me, but they love me. And they show their love with free ice cream.


So I'll be having my free scoop in the afternoon. And again in the evening. Possibly a few times in between. Don't judge me. It's ice cream. If there was more than one Ben & Jerry's around here I'd make the rounds and have more free ice cream. Like that one time...

Back in the day, I used to live in Southern California. My best friend "R" lived nearby and she's all about the free stuff, just like me. Baskin Robbins usually does some kind of free thing once a year, too, and one year they were doing free Cappuccino Blasts. Mmmm... Coffee and ice cream... And the best part? There were Baskin Robbins all over the place down there!

So R and I hatched a plan.

We mapped out all the Baskin Robbins parlors in the area. There was a 3 hour time window in which they were giving out the free Blasts. We hit those parlors and hit 'em hard! Then we went and made the rounds again. Oh yeah, we were good.

But did you know that they put real coffee in the Cappuccino Blasts? Strong coffee. With lots of caffeine.


I think it was a few days later before I was able to sleep again. There's something to be said for bouncing off the walls, you know. And yes, I'd do it again. Because cheap is good and free is even better.

So go on out and get your free scoop. Maybe even make the rounds. Who could ask for a better birthday celebration? Mmmmm... Ice cream...


Anonymous said...

You only make me jealous because there are no Ben and Jerry's stores (or Baskin Robbins for that matter). Glad it's on your birthday though-- exciting! Happy early commemoration of the day you were born as well, Wendy. :)

SarahBeeCreations said...

I love that they celebrate your birthday! I wish we had one closer, but the only scoop shop is about 45 minutes of driving each way the opposite direction, so I'm going to miss it. I tell you, though, I'd take the ice cream over the Krispy Kreme's any day. My sister said she thinks there is a free scoop at Coldstone on your birthday, too. Too bad she didn't remember this until after my birthday.
Happy Birthday, to my Favorite Wendy!