Monday, August 23, 2010

What's the problem officer?


Yes, I know I missed last week's Life is Funny post. I could tell you why, but frankly, I'm running out of plausible excuses. But I'm back this week, and aren't you thrilled? If you did a Life is Funny post last week, feel free to link it up (along with this week's, of course) below. Don't want to miss out on these things!

We used to live in Southern California before moving here to beautiful Washington. We actually had our house here for about 3 months before we moved, and my daughter and I made the move up before my husband did. My husband stayed down there and worked a bit longer before he came up, then he made the drive up here on his own.

When it was time for my husband to come up, he loaded up his car with the last of the things that were too precious for the moving van, then began his drive up. Along the way, he made a stop in lovely Weed, CA. Yes, there's a city called Weed, and let me tell ya, they named it well. Anyway, he pulled off the freeway to get some gas and use the facilities. At the gas station, there were some unmarked police cars with unmarked police officers in them. So he pumped his gas and went and did his business.

*insert intermission music here*

Done with his business, he walked back toward his car and locked eyes with one of the cops as he did. As he came around the back of his car, he tapped his car's trunk a couple of times as he rounded it. Clearly this is deviant behavior, because the officer was out of his car, lickity-split, asking my husband if he'd mind opening the trunk of his car. So, my husband opened the trunk. And what did the officer see?


Yup, it was a fra-gee-lay leg lamp. Unfortunately for the officer, it was a bit dark out... The officer jumped back and my husband had to explain to him that no, it wasn't a dismembered body part, it was a leg lamp. I'm thinkin' someone doesn't watch enough Christmas Story. And that someone might have needed a change of underwear after that. Anyway, my husband got to go on his merry way. The leg lamp is now safe in my front window, for all to see. And an officer in Weed has an interesting story to tell his friends. Good times.

Now it's your turn to share. How is your life funny? Link up below! And hey, don't forget to link back here, okay? You wouldn't want to find anything suspicious in your trunk now, would you?


jasonS said...

See, these are stories I like. Everybody wins. :)

Heart2Heart said...

Love this. Do you really own a Leg lamp like from Christmas story? I love it!

I too, would put it in the window at Christmas.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

lifeshighway said...

Not sure if I could own a fra-gil-e leg lamp but I am highly amused that you do. (Does that count)

And oh, cute shoe.

Kelli said...

So do you keep the leg up all year round? This is too funny. I'm jealous!

Helen said...

Kelly... TWSS!!!

That had to be scary for your husband. Severed body part lamp in a car and the cop stops him....