Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mushy Gushy Goo


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that everyone is out there getting spoiled today! My husband sent me two bunches of flowers and sent one bunch to my daughter, so we're pretty well covered in the "spoiled" department. I'll have to hit Target tomorrow for the clearance Valentine chocolate and then my life will be complete. Mostly.

So, what did you all do for Valentine's Day?



gina said...

lol, cute comic strip.

We ate out together on Friday night and we all exchanged cards- mostly handmade. No gifts this year- our money and energy is being saved for stuff for the new house! When we get

MoonGoddess said...

We had taco bell at home & just enjoyed being together again finally (he has been training his platoon in the field all week!). He did spoil me with lilies & a single rose - I told him I didn't want roses since they tend to jack up the price this time of year.

Then yesterday we went out to do a nice dinner -skipping the hassle of dealing with all the other Valentines Day daters.

Best part is then he treated me to a movie - He's Just Not That Into You. Big deal for a macho man to go to, but he did it because he knew it was the one I wanted to see most!

Its good to be loved.

Nice call on the sale candy... I'm going to try not to remember that tip, but something tells me I might have to copy you on it. Oh my thighs...