Saturday, February 21, 2009

100? You don't look a day over 99!


Well, here it is - post number 100. It sure came up fast! The other day, I posted asking for suggestions for what I should do on today's post. After reading through the gazillions (3) of responses I received, I decided to do a bit of everything. Here we go!

100 Things About Me

1. I am a natural redhead.

2. I couldn't get a suntan if my life depended on it.

3. When I was younger, my friends liked to hang around me because I made them look more tan.

4. During a meal, I will only eat one food at a time. Yes, I'm odd.

5. Fish are friends, not food.

6. I love split pea soup, but I won't eat peas.

7. I make an amazing Potato Cheese Soup (my own recipe).

8. I rarely make my Potato Cheese Soup because it takes me all day.

9. One of my old phone numbers spelled LET-FIDO.

10. I can touch my tongue to my nose.

11. I am an expert at doing fish lips.

12. I got my front tooth knocked out by a Girl Scout.

13. I was reading when I was 3.

14. It's really hard to embarrass me.

15. I have one really embarrassing moment that I can't put here on my blog because it's not PG rated.

16. If you really want to know what it is, I might be talked in to emailing it to you. Just know that you've been warned.

17. I went to Westmont College - a private Christian college.

18. My parents used to send me posters of barely dressed men and I'd put them up on the walls and let everyone know that my parents gave them to me.

19. I also had a shirt on my wall (also from my parents) that said, "The Marines and I have a lot in common. We're both looking for a few good men."

20. If you are faint of heart, skip this one. Thanks to the college cafeteria, I used to be able to fart on command.

21. Some of my college friends and I used to joke about the universe revolving around my belly button. Yup, it was a joke. Or was it?

22. I once wrote a poem called Ode to Belly Button Lint.

23. I can't burp.

24. I have had a crush on Kurt Russell since I was a kid and he was doing Disney movies.

25. I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

26. Every time a new Harry Potter book would come out, I'd re-read the entire collection in order to be fully prepared for the new book.

27. I also have a fondness for Captain Underpants.

28. I'll probably post something in the future from a Captain Underpants book.

29. The Princess Bride is my favorite movie.

30. I also love, love, love the book!

31. To this day, I can't read Where the Red Fern Grows without crying my eyes out.

32. I worked at Disneyland two different times, for a total of 6 years.

33. Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie.

34. The only car accident I've been in involved a pedestrian.

35. The pedestrian was at fault. It's in the police report and everything. A little tip - never run through moving traffic.

36. My grandpa used to yell at me for spinning around on barstools at their house when I was a kid.

37. When I did it as an adult, he didn't yell at me.

38. To this day, if I blow bubbles in my soda, my mom will tell me that it will make my soda go flat.

39. I don't drink, smoke or chew, or run with boys who do.

40. I can get very competitive, but only with certain people.

41. As a kid, I used to cheat at Monopoly and Clue every chance I got.

42. I'm totally hooked on Heroes.

43. I've watched every season of Survivor.

44. Okay, I'll admit it. I also watch America's Next Top Model every season.

45. I took ice skating lessons for a couple of years starting when I turned 30.

46. I skated in 3 competitions.

47. Yes, it was very scary.

48. I love peppermint stick ice cream

49. My one pregnancy meltdown was over peppermint stick ice cream. Or the lack of, I should say.

50. I was in labor with my daughter for 59 hours.

51. After much begging, I finally got a c-section.

52. My daughter was so wedged in, they had to use suction on her rear end to get her out.

53. I love 80's music.

54. I can't stand U2.

55. Or Prince.

56. I'm not usually a fan of strawberry ice cream, but I will sit down with a pint of Haagen Daaz Strawberry and finish it.

57. I hope to write children's books someday.

58. Maybe even illustrate them.

59. I used to be able to sink a nail with one hit.

60. I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit.

61. I love the Bobrick company - the company that makes dispensers and such for public restrooms - because of their logo. Actually, because of the plastic left on after they etch their logo.

62. Since I was a kid, I've always checked for Bobrick dispensers in bathrooms in the hope of finding that little piece of plastic still attached to their logo so I could peel it off. Then I scratch off the centers of the 'o' and 'b's' because they don't peel away with the rest.

63. The bathroom at my sleep study last night had a Bobrick dispenser that still had the plastic on it. I guess the sleep study wasn't all bad.

64. I love a good bargain.

65. I named my last dog, a Lhasa Apso, Crusher.

66. I could whistle by breathing in better than breathing out as a kid.

67. Because of that, I always used to win those "eat 3 crackers and whistle" contests.

68. I love rollercoasters.

69. I can't stand ladders.

70. My favorite Halloween costume when I was a kid was my Wonder Woman costume. My grandma and I made it together.

71. I had really cool red go-go boots that I wore with it.

72. I wish I had red go-go boots now.

73. My two favorite colors are orange and lime green.

74. Both of those colors are on walls in my home.

75. Before moving, I used to have a color consulting business.

76. White walls drive me crazy.

77. I don't like ketchup.

78. I can't stand the feeling us dust on my hands.

79. I would love to visit Iceland.

80. And go on a Disney cruise.

81. Technically I have a tattoo.

82. I have permanent makeup on my lips.

83. I love having game nights with friends.

84. Two of my favorite games are Mexican Train and Chickenfoot. (both played with dominoes)

85. I'm a pretty good thumb wrestler.

86. I have huge feet.

87. I had Holly Hobbie wallpaper when I was a kid.

88. I like camping supplies, but I don't like to camp.

89. I'll eat lettuce in a salad, but don't even think about putting it on my burger or taco.

90. I love corn-on-the-cob, but won't eat corn any other way.

91. I love to quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

92. Being a Mommy is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

93. I love wearing red toenail polish.

94. I don't put nail polish on my fingernails because it won't last an hour before I've ruined it.

95. I still like the smell of Love's Baby Soft cologne.

96. When I was in Thailand, I had a huge snake wrapped around me for a picture.

97. I don't like snakes.

98. I'm pretty much a computer illiterate. That I have a blog is a miracle.

99. I can spell "supercalifragilisticexpialadocious".

100. I'm having so much fun writing a blog!

So there you go. 100 things about me.

But wait! There's more!

~*~ Sorry, but the giveaway is now closed ~*~

Congrats to Moongoddess!

I'm going to do a giveaway. What kind of giveaway you ask? Well, a chocolate one, of course! Yup, the winner will receive a chocolatey surprise package from me. No, I won't disclose what will be in it now. Why? Because I still need to go shopping. That being the case, if the winner doesn't like chocolate (I'll never understand how what could even happen to a person) or God forbid, is allergic to chocolate, I'll substitute something else. Don't ask me what because I don't know.

How do you win? The ways are many and, of course, totally about me. Hey, it's my blog so I get to make the rules. So without further ado, here are the possibilities:

1. Tell me which of my 100 things you find most amusing and why.

2. Tell me which of my past posts you've liked and why. Yes, you can do more than one. (Make sure that it's on separate comments though.)

3. Post a comment on this post telling me your story. I just can't believe I didn't get more responses on it before!

4. Sign up as a follower and tell me about it.

5. For all those readers who have never left a comment, leave a comment telling me why. Stop the silence!

6. Tell me which of the songs on my playlist is your favorite.

Okay, I think that's it for the different ways. Make sure you leave each in a separate comment. Sorry, but this is open to U.S. addresses only - postage is not cheap! Also, make sure I have a way to reach you in case you win. You can enter until next Saturday, Feb. 28th at 10 p.m. Pacific Time.

And because I just can't end it like that...



Christi said...

#4 I also eat only one food at a time and I really prefer they not be touching. Casseroles or something like that are ok, but otherwise it shouldn't touch. If the cook meant for it to mix it would be a casserole. This makes buffets a nightmare for me.

#20 & 23. While I can't fart on command, I can burp on command, which my hubby is really, really jealous of. He only can burp accidentally. It's sad really.

Andi said...

29. The Princess Bride is my favorite movie, too!!

Andi said...

I'm following your blog.

Andi said...

... and my favorite song from your playlist is Dancing Queen!

MoonGoddess said...


I seriously & doubting you are computer illiterate! This blog is so great!

Ok Little Mermaid, I think the one statement (ok its a few) that cracked me up is that you peel off the plastic on those soap dispensers to this day & that you were lucky enough to find one on the sleep study!

You are too funny & I love the honesty. Keep it coming.

MoonGoddess said...

oh & my favorite song on this page has got to be Walking on Sunshine! I remember being about 6 & in tap class where that was our song to perform for the recital that year. We must have worn that record out practicing... yes I said record. I'm that old. & I don't even care.

Brings back memories. :)

Katie said...

#2 I don't tan either--just get more freckles, and I already have enough for ten people, thank you very much!

#79 I also would LOVE to go to Iceland. It's only a short flight from Scotland so hopefully I'll make it there before I go home.

I know I can't win the prize because I'm nowhere near America, but I wanted to leave a comment anyways.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

gina said...

FOR a meal, I will only eat one food at a time. Yes, I'm odd.

#15- email me: - I hate not knowing once I know that I don't know something. Phew.

I'd like to do a disney cruise too- but they are COSTLY. As is everything Disney. :( But my friend said there is tons for the kiddos to do- leaving mom lots of quality ADULT time.

23- I never used to be able to burp. Ever. Not even if my life depended on it. Then a got a gallstone. And my gallbladder removed. Now burping just happens to me. Without any effort. Yuck.

52- Holy Smokes!!

70- Wonder Woman was my choldhood hero. And for some reason I can't forget the commercial with her (the actress, not WW) coming out of the pool with her lipstick on- it was a lipstick commercial.

Happy 100th POST. Thanks for the laughs. :)

mom2gkandd said...

#15 I am so nosy and I just can't imagine you have something PG rated and embarrassing lurking out there that I don't know about. Come on Share!!!


mom2gkandd said...

Can I just say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, all of your blog posts, you are so funny. But if I had to choose I like, First snow flake freak out lady, even living here we see some of those crazy people.


mom2gkandd said...

Oh and I can't forget, A different breed of music lover, I used to collect cows, and I still think they are pretty cool animals. Oh and all three of my kids loved the pictures and cartoons you posted with this one. Great story!!


mom2gkandd said...

I didn't leave a comment before yesterday, because I am lazy, sad but true. I have read every post you have written here but I didn't want to go through the mess of signing up. Of course when I did decide to do it I realized that I was already signed up, whooops!! Anyway, I am posting now because I LOVE chocolate, and I know you will consider AK part of the US, even though so many other people dont!!

mom2gkandd said...

My favorite song on your play list used to be, I'm Yours, by Jason Mraz, but now it is absolutly, Lucky, by the same. Such a great song, I downloaded it to my ipod!!


mom2gkandd said...

Okay, so I am not generally one to follow the crowd, but I am now a follower. Heck there is chocolate on the line!! Not to mention it might be easier to keep track of when you add something new to you blog.


Anonymous said...

I learned so many things about you just then Wendy...and it's no wonder I like you so much!

I noticed that you are a lot like my husband in some ways and me in others. Especially the fish are friends not food thing. Me, not my husband. Fish aren't his friends.

I noticed a Disney trend. No wonder we get along. :)

Kelli said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog and after reading the 100 things, I feel like you could be one of my sisters.

My favorite? #44 (I thought I was the only one over 25 that was addicted to ANTM)

Honorable Mentions? #48 and #49 (I'm even lactose intolerant) #87 and #91

Kelli said...

It looks like everyone else has left more than one comment, so I don't feel bad about hitting publish a bit too early.

First - I want to know if there's any correlation between #20 and #91 (you'll never guess my favorite Monty Python quote :))

Second - I'm already a follower :)

Third - I have 2 favorite posts. Your random cow musings, still makes me laugh and I absolutely fell in love with the dramatic lemur video you posted the other day. I managed to get him into one of my blog postings too :)

Keep up the awesome posts!

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I absolutely loved reading this post! I cannot burp, either. I think it's hilarious that you admitted you could fart like that! I love Harry Potter and hate that the series is over!

Michele said...

I love the one about your Wonder Woman costume for Halloween that you and your grandma made!! I also had a Wonder Woman costume when I was in elementary school, but my mom made it. It was the coolest thing, too!!!

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers

Michele said...

One of your past posts that I've liked is the Two Truths and a Lie post. It was the first time I had been to your blog, and I actually posted one on my blog. I just FINALLY got that post up on my blog because it took me forever to find out why certain pictures I had in the post wouldn't show up. I finally just deleted them so I could play your game. You probably never saw it though. If you'd like to check it out, here is the link:

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers

Michele said...

My favorite song from your playlist is "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. It makes me wish Summer was here already, LOL!!!

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers

Michele said...

I now follow your blog.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers

Michele said...

I left my story on the Twitterpated post! I loved reading your story, too!! I think this is the link to my comment, but if not, it's under Michele.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)
Butterfly Whispers