Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There are some things you just don't mix with chocolate

I was reading a post on Stuff Christians Like yesterday, and it brought back a memory of an outing a while back with a friend of mine...

One of my best friends, "R", and I share a lot of interests. We love bargain shopping, funny movies and all things chocolate. There were many snack runs in our day, because if one of us had a craving for something, the other would get sympathy cravings. Now that's friendship. We would never remind each other of diets that we were supposed to be on. Yes, we supported each other in our pursuit of all things chocolatey.

So one day, an ice cream craving hit. Never ones to let a craving like that go by unnoticed, we headed off to the grocery store to purchased our frozen treats. While we were at the store, "R" decided that she wanted to pick up a bottle of beer so she could make beer bread later that night. So we got our items and walked toward the checkout stands. "R" got in line, but somehow another woman managed to get in line between us. Okay, no biggie. "R" bought her bottle of beer and her carton of chocolate ice cream and went toward the door to wait for me.

Customer-in-the-middle must have been paying attention to "R's" purchase because when she got up to the cashier, she just shook her head and said, "Aww, she must be depressed."

I almost dropped my ice cream. I must have let out a little snort or something because the gal gave me a funny look. "R" and I had a really good laugh over that one while we sat and ate our ice cream. But not with beer. That would be disgusting. Just how depressed would one have to be to think that that would be a good combination?

Anyway, on the post over at SCL, Katdish left a comment with a link to a video that would fit nicely into this post. Since I'm all about stealing stuff from people the sharing of ideas, I'm going to post the video here. Enjoy!

Don't settle for beer and chocolate ice cream to treat your bad mood. Head on over to the Life is Funny blog carnival instead. It's much more tasty.


Helen said...

That reminds me of a look I got when I went to the cashiers aisle with beer (for bisquick beer bread, since it was winter, and I wanted to make sure I had ingredients to make simple bread if we ran out during a storm) and snack size Snicker bars for my students' party the next day. The cashier gave me the oddest look to which I replied "Just the staples today...."

So yeah, I have a beer and chocolate story, too. Do you fnd that at all surprising?

katdish said...

I think I stole that video from somebody else. It's the whole circle of life thing, really.

Heather said...

I just so needed that laugh today! Thank you!

sherri said...

Love the video- I saw it when it aired on the show.
Still makes me smile.

Tiffany said...

Okay, the lady on the video was hysterical! I need to meet a friend like that! :)