Friday, September 25, 2009

Did you just hear a tweet?


If it's Friday, it must be the Twitter Ho-down! I know, you're both scared and excited to see what I'll post today. Will I make your eyes bleed yet again? Let's just get it out there at the start. No, there will be no bleeding eyes this time. I could say that it's because I'm caring and want to give your eyes a break like Helen did. 'Course, I'd be lying. Truth is I've been a Twitterslacker this week. Hey, I've been sick. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. So without further ado, I present my abbreviated Twitter post.

The one-liners

Everyone knows it's Wendy...

weightwhat @br8kthru Looks like someone could use a nap and it's you.

weightwhat @billycoffey Evil? Me? Never! Creative, maybe...

weightwhat @katdish Hey, don't go infringing on my trademark! I am sweetness and light.™

weightwhat @br8kthru Riiiiight... And your horns are only there to keep the halo up.

weightwhat @marni71 I don't know if I'm talking to you right now Miss Throw Wendy Under the @katdish Bus.

weightwhat @sarahmsalter Hey, anyone who shows up in my Ho-down should consider themselves blessed.

weightwhat @redclaydiaries What would our lives be if we couldn't laugh at the expense of others?

weightwhat @makeadiff21 Of course, too many teleported pies and it'll be hard to pull off our leather mumus... Yes, in both senses.

weightwhat @br8kthru Know what works? Duct tape.

weightwhat Morning folks! Gotta go help my daughter pick out an outfit. She just came down in one that would make 'em think she didn't have a mom.

weightwhat @redclaydiaries Oh c'mon Steph! Judge her already! All the cool kids are doing it.

A little bit longer ones

makeadiff21 @weightwhat Do you know that my hubby makes fun of me for eating a spoon of peanut butter? He thinks that's just wrong.

weightwhat @makeadiff21 Was he dropped on his head as a child? Eating p.b. by the spoonful is perfectly normal and acceptable.

katdish I think @weightwhat stalks the twitter then pounces on unsuspecting victims.

weightwhat @katdish I admit to nothing.

weightwhat Back from the bus stop. And yes, the bus driver is very familiar with my jammies now.

br8kthru @weightwhat you know, you could put on a robe or somethin'

weightwhat @br8kthru What, and deprive the bus driver of the joy of seeing me in my jammies? Besides, you never know. She may need blog fodder, too.

And the 'why don't you just post the whole conversation' ones

weightwhat @Helenatrandom And you know? We really should rule the world. It's so "us."

Helenatrandom @weightwhat Does that make us World Dominatrixes?

weightwhat @Helenatrandom Ooo! Leather! Um, I mean, maybe it would.

Helenatrandom @marni71 And join @weightwhat and myself in becoming World Dominatrixes?

weightwhat @Helenatrandom Can we give her a fancy title?

Helenatrandom @weightwhat And a uniform #LucyImHome

weightwhat @Helenatrandom What kind are you thinking?

Helenatrandom @weightwhat Something militial in leather...

weightwhat @Helenatrandom Will we be going with the jodhpurs? Very overlooked in military wear lately.

sarahmsalter @br8kthru Always is. We have a great praise team, a great drama team, and a dynamic speaker. It's one of my fave weekends of the year.

sarahmsalter @weightwhat We must be distant cousins... I walk my dog in my jammies. I'd prob'ly take my kid to the bus stop in 'em if I had a kid. :)

br8kthru @sarahmsalter that sounds incredible. So where are located again? I can't remember...

weightwhat @br8kthru Okay, that was odd. I thought that was your response to @sarahmsalter saying she walks her dog in her jammies.

sarahmsalter @weightwhat You're WRONG! LOL!

weightwhat @sarahmsalter Thank goodness! I though @br8kthru was thinkin' of cruising your street at dog walking time...

br8kthru @weightwhat Ah, you thought that's why I asked her where she lived... got it. I'm not a pervert- why do i have to keep explaining that?!

weightwhat @br8kthru Hey, if the sweater vest fits...

So there you have it. The best/worst of my week on Twitter. Now you can go on living another week. You're welcome.


Heather said...

I'm so glad you posted this to see what I missed while I've been catching up on stuff! I hope you're feeling better!
I did spend some time in my hotel crying about you not being with me in Hawaii but you'll come next time!

jasonS said...

Wow, you really were slacking this week. I think I was there for all these convos (even the ones where we were talking)...

sherri said...

I think it's kind of scary that you're planning on ruling the world. Just sayin'.

Beth said...

Snort. Sweater vest.

I missed out on some good 'uns this week!

Helen said...

World Dominatrixes unite!

Dyslexics of the world, untie!