Friday, April 10, 2009

On restaurants and water


First off, a good Good Friday to you all. Looking forward to the joy of Easter!

My birthday is coming up on Sunday (feel free to send gifts), so being that Sunday is also Easter, we went out for my birthday dinner tonight instead. Dinner was fantabulous! But of course, there was a small incident. Let me fill you in on a bit of my family history. Somehow, my husband has gotten a reputation for spilling water on my sister. It's become something of a joke around here, but truth be told, it hasn't happened that many times. At least, not of my husband's doing. But if water is spilled at the table and my sister is sitting at said table, it's a pretty safe bet that the water is flowing toward her. Well, my sister was sitting at the table tonight. I didn't sit down when everyone else did, so the table was completely set when I got there. Unfortunately, there were menus that were hanging a bit over the edge of the table where I sat down... I hit the menus which in turn hit my water glass, knocking it over and sending the water over to my sister who was sitting two seats away from me. She's a water magnet I'm tellin' ya! Of course I had to blame my husband and tell everyone that he paid me to do it...

And since we're on the topic of water and restaurants, I'll add on another story. Way back when (probably my late teens) my family used to go to this great steakhouse for dinner. Sure, the food was good, but my sister and I really wanted to go there for all the cute waiters. Yup, not a single female server in the place, just very good looking guys (a big thank you to whoever did the hiring back then!). So we were there one night for dinner and we had superhotguy as our busboy. I saw that he was coming around with a water pitcher, so I said, "Drink your water! Quick!" And who jumps on her glass of water and starts downing it? My mom! Yup, we still tease her about that one. I have to admit though, we had to make an awful lot of potty runs that night and we pretty much floated out of there. It was totally worth it.


Andrea said...

NO MORE WATER FOR EITHER ONE OF YOU!!!!!! It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!!! I swear my hiney was still wet when I got home!

Happy Birthday,
Your MUCH younger sister

gina said...

Ha, Ha.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!

PamperingBeki said...


Happy birthday!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo.... Oh wait, maybe an aquarium with all that water... But that doesn't really rhyme... Hmmm I'll have to come up with a good one for that... Hope you have a great day!