Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hallelujas, Bubble Butts and Target Practice

Hmmm... Does my title make me look a bit scattered? Are you thinking, "What's new?" Okay I'm a bit here and there at times. And yes, this is one of those times. So let's go in order, shall we?

Hallelujas - Do you remember a post a while back about my tooth? Well, hallelujah, it's in! Well, mostly in. It's in there, but with temporary cement. I'm not sure when the permanent cement will be in, but for now I'm pretty darn happy! Bring on the corn cobs!

Bubble Butts - Sherri, you'll be happy to know that this post has nothing to do with you. :o) (For those who are wondering, go ahead and read this post and then check out the comments. Hmmm... I wonder who Very Sarcastic Speed Reader Lurker Person was...) No, this has to do with my daughter. My daughter is almost 7 now, and just starting to learn the joy of gum. She's been afraid of it for years. Why? Because she just didn't get the "don't swallow it" part of the equation. We'd let her have some gum and tell her not to swallow it, but she always would, then panic. One time (the little stinker), she swallowed her gum, but then continued pretending to chew so that we wouldn't know what she had done. But now she's big and has decided that she is gum capable, so her Easter bounty included a multi-pack of gum. This evening she was asking if she could have a piece of gum and I told her that she could. My husband chimed in with, "Don't swallow it!" She then asked why it was bad to swallow gum, a question she's asked many times, but this time my husband told her that if she swallowed the gum, she'd start blowing bubbles out of her butt. Never knowing if she can believe Daddy or not, she asked if he was serious. He fessed up, but then told her that it's not a good idea to swallow it. Of course, I had to start chanting "Bubble butt! Bubble butt! Bubble butt!" at her once she started chewing the gum. She didn't really appreciate it for some reason. I'm still kind of hoping to see bubbles come out though... Maybe if we gave some to the dog...


Target Practice - Okay, finally to the last topic. In yesterday's post, I wrote a formal complaint. While I would love to say that the Target bigwigs saw my blog post and decided to send me a big box of leftover Easter chocolate, it wouldn't be true. So for grins, I decided that I'd copy and paste my post into one of their "contact us" emails. Can I just tell you that they sent back their automated response in no time? Here's what they wrote back:

Dear Wendy,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments about your recent Target experience. I'm sorry for your disappointment. Easter candy at Target is on sale for 50% off this week. You can view this at I've documented your thoughts and comments, which will be shared with our Store Operations team for further review. It's just one way we can keep working to provide you with the experience you've come to expect at Target. If you ever have concerns during your visit, please visit Guest Service and ask to speak with the Guest Service Team Leader. They'll make every attempt to resolve the issue during your visit. We appreciate your feedback because it helps make Target even better. Thanks for writing, Wendy.

Target Guest Relations

So, not only do they not have any candy to buy, they're going to taunt me by saying that it's in the Target ad this week as a sale item?! Unbelieveable! Kinda like pouring salt in the wound, isn't it? I think my favorite part is where they tell me that I should go speak to the Guest Service Team Leader. Yes, just let me loose on the poor pimply-faced kid standing behind a counter when I freak out over the lack of bargain candy. Target, I just don't think you're that into me.

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sherri said...

I don't think the title makes you sound scattered at all...makes perfect sense to a girl like me!

Thanks for the link of love-and thanks for putting me in the same parqgraph with the BUBBLE BUTT reference. I appreciate it. Really. I do.

I'm impressed that Target responded. WHen I wrote mt letter to the widgety fidgety people about the strange 'related" posts that were appearing on my site, they did say they would "look into it" (I'm certain they were grinning as they read my email), but it is better now.

This is funny stuff.

Jaime (ChaseNKids) said...

I agree. Target isn't that into you.

LOL. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

Kelli said...

Your poor daughter! My son loves gum too, just can't manage to keep it in his mouth.

Heather said...

That is so not right what Target said to you! I think a couple bags of Easter candy are in order - for free! Not this 50% off stuff!