Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unfortunately, Wendy...


I was reading a blog that was new to me today (Don't ask me which one because I'm not tellin' I can't remember.) and there was a fun meme suggested. Want to play along? Here's what you do: Google "unfortunately, (insert your name)" and see what comes up. You need to make sure you add the quotation marks when you do it. Why? I have no idea. But be a lemming with me and just do it. If you do this on your blog, make sure you let me know in the comment section so I can check yours out!

And now, some of my favorite results for "unfortunately, Wendy"...

Unfortunately, Wendy gets busted, the cops are called, and by the time she is able to pay her way out of jail and make it back to the grocery store, Lucy is gone.

Unfortunately, Wendy just can’t get to her final destination the way she wants.

Unfortunately, Wendy’s car breaks down in Oregon; her money is running out; she gets arrested for shoplifting dog food

Unfortunately, Wendy had to cancel at the last minute due to “emergency gum surgery"—a bad break for someone who tries to make a living by talking.

Unfortunately Wendy didn't make a good impression in this phone conversation

Unfortunately, Wendy found herself disheartened, some say because of her career, but no one really knows except maybe those closest to her.

Unfortunately, Wendy is broke and so is her car, which croaks somewhere in Oregon.

Unfortunately Wendy's life was plagued with a disease that affects so many American youth today

Unfortunately, Wendy has a choice, she needs to come back with $1000 or else her friend will get beaten up again.

Unfortunately, Wendy complains this last scenario is ridiculous, the "kind of thing Wile E. Coyote would dream up"

Unfortunately, Wendy said, she never woke up, so she didn't know how she knew this.

Unfortunately Wendy was suffering severely from a migraine so didn't enjoy the trip.

Unfortunately, Wendy's experience was not unusual.

Unfortunately, Wendy suffered an injury as a yearling that made her unsound for riding.

Unfortunately, Wendy is overbearing and insensitive and has no skill in dealing with people.

Unfortunately Wendy had a small injury while playing with another puppy on Sunday and was a bit lame.

Unfortunately, Wendy collided with what looked like a normal delivery van.

Unfortunately, Wendy's experience is hardly a fluke.

Unfortunately, Wendy became enamored with her own culinary skills, gained about seventy-five pounds and was no longer able to perform the sometimes-rigorous physical requirements of the job

Unfortunately Wendy is bedridden, so she cannot be there to cheer.

Unfortunately Wendy thought it was a little too loud.

Unfortunately, Wendy can’t do this without spluttering, so her favourite line; “yes or no” with which she ends every rant, comes out as “Yetthh or Noooaaww” .

Unfortunately, Wendy's call was fielded by my monosyllabic teenage son, so details of their adventures are sketchy or non-existant.

Unfortunately, Wendy beat me in Paper, Rock, Scissors.

Unfortunately Wendy had a terrible day today.

unfortunately wendy i’m pretty sure misogynists say that all the time.

Unfortunately, Wendy had other plans and in her panicky state, made me drive away to check out real hotels.

Unfortunately Wendy was slightly paranoid, and she couldn't hear exactly what was being said.

Unfortunately Wendy could not afford an ISS system to replace these worthless human-beings.

Wow, it's like they knew me...


Heather said...

Way too funny!
I just did mine here and I have to say that I got some awesome results!

Thanks for that Wendy!

sherri said...

I think this is great! I'm gonna use it in a post next week, and I'll link to your site (unless you don't want to be linked to a Baby Jesus face crosser outer. It's your choice.)
And BTW, I AM forgiven!

Tiffany said...

Okay, here's mine. Have fun...

MoonGoddess said...

Well I for one am hoping you feel fortunate enough not to be THAT/THOSE Wendys! Whoa that's a lot of unfortunateness.

I think I might have to add this to today's blog, Where My Mind Roams.

Here's hoping you have a very FORTUNATE, FUN & HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

gina said...

Unfortunately Gina gets a bit confused in her panel audition. She starts off by saying there aren’t enough Asian models, and she wants to change that. ...

Unfortunately, Gina doesn’t seem to be able to help the hiccupping duck in her examining room because Grover keeps screaming, “Emergency! ...

Unfortunately, Gina then lost the box (it had really been stolen.) Following months of searching, Billie Reed found the famous puzzle box at Carrie and ...

The behind the scenes info we have is unfortunately Gina was sick with a bug of some sort and didn't get to show off her best vocal performance, ...

unfortunately, Gina is running out of time and needs to log off and spend the night with her hubby. But this was fun!