Monday, May 11, 2009

What's happening Rerun?

Okay, so I'm doing my first re-run. I've been sick. Don't judge me! But it's an older post that most of you probably haven't seen. And besides, the video clip is hysterical. I'll post something new tomorrow. Maybe. You're not the boss of me.


How did I end up with two children? I could have sworn that I only gave birth to one. But I must have two since I hear them arguing every day. Every. Day.

"Mommy! He's poking me!"

"She won't stop looking at me!"

"Do I have to separate you two?!"

My favorite part is when I try to get them to stop, and then the "he/she started it" starts. Do I care who started it? No! I can't say that I do! They're arguing about nothing!

I guess I should expect this from the 6 year old, but it's a bit much coming from the 37 year old.

I need to find the happy place.


Helen said...

My husband's interest in Monty Python seems to be a window into our marriage right now....

sherri said...

Hilarious! .... "Kids"!

Jaime (ChaseNKids) said...

Hope you feel better soon! Allergies are wrecking havoc on me right now.

I love re-runs! So no apologies! My husband loves Monty Python...I can't get into

The Fat Dietitian said...

"And now for something completely different..."
I do enjoy Monty Python, and the occasional re-run is definitely better than dropping off the blogosphere for a month and a half! ;)
Hope all is well.

Heather said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! I too only gave birth to one child but wonder if I have 2 living here. Good to know that I'm not the only one who has fun with the family!
I hope you feel better soon.