Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I scream, you scream...

Last night my daughter and I went out to dinner with my folks. My daughter ordered a kid's meal and it came with a cookie. This wasn't just any cookie. It was a big ol' chocolate chip cookie.


Now as you might have read in earlier posts, my daughter is very serious about her food. Don't try to touch her food. Don't even look at her food. It's hers and you aren't getting any of it.

But that doesn't stop PopPop from trying.

Throughout the meal, my dad was trying to get the cookie from her. He likes to taunt her that way. So my daughter felt the need to guard her cookie during the meal and try to keep it out of PopPop's reach.

Until she found out that we were getting ice cream.


She decided that she wanted ice cream, too. But I told her that she already had a cookie and wouldn't be getting ice cream.

You could just see the wheels turning.

She turned to PopPop and started trying to talk him out of his ice cream. While still keeping her cookie, of course. My dad offered to give her half of his ice cream if she'd give him half of her cookie. She didn't like that idea, so she kept working on him.

Then came her last ditch effort.

"You can lick it before you say goodbye to it!"

As all the grownups at the table were laughing hysterically, I reached into my purse to pull out my notebook and a pen to write that one down...

"Mommy! Don't blog about it!"

Right, like I'm going to pass that one up.

She did end up getting half of PopPop's ice cream in exchange for half of her cookie. Little stinker.


Helen said...

What kind of fascist are you, telling her she can't have both? I am going to report you to child welfare! What's your last name anyway? And where do you live?

Lisa said...

How cute, sounds like she knows how to work your dad....ahh, grandparents. ;)

I especially like the "don't blog about it" comment!

sherri said...

Nothing is sacred. It is a sad day when family members have to say, PLEASE don't blog about it!"

Funny stuff.

Kelli said...

Thank you for my morning laugh :)

I love that your daughter knows she's said something "blog-worthy"! My son hasn't quite figured it out.

katdish said...


that's what she said.

rentz said...

After my daughter saw the post "Good to Know" on my blog she said, "I knew you were going to post that. I almost didn't do it because I was afraid you would write about it." Anytime I take a pic now one of the kiddos say, "Are you going to put that on the blog?" We're probably wounding them for life. Isn't it fun?