Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mmm... Biscuits and gravy...

Ready for some Saturday Silliness? How about some biscuits and gravy to go with it?

I love biscuits and gravy. I inherited that one from my dad. My family's search for good biscuits and gravy is legendary. We had some friends that used to live a good distance from us that we liked to go visit, not just because we liked them, but because there was a truck stop in Bakersfield called Zingo's that had amazing biscuits and gravy that we'd always stop at along the way. Now that I'm up in Washington I have to say that my search has been a sad one. Though we've found one restaurant that's passable, most restaurants should be stormed with pitchforks and torches for calling what they serve "biscuits and gravy." So I've decided I need to go to the restaurant Tim Hawkins goes to because I just need to try their biscuits and gravy. And I won't bring my mom with me.

C'mon back tomorrow for the Life is Funny blog carnival! Just don't expect me to share my biscuits and gravy once you get there.

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