Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Creative borrowing


Let's just admit it right now. Bloggers steal stuff. We do. Got nothing to write about? Just check out some other blogs and see what you can steal. So that's where I am today. I've been feeling less than creative but still feeling like I should post something. Anything, really. And then I read my bloggy friend's blog. Marnie, I just want to thank you right now for stealing the idea from other people so that I could steal it from you. Keep up the good work!

So, what's the topic? Things I don't support. Hey, I hardly even need to think about this one! I love not having to think. If you don't feel like thinking, feel free to steal this blog topic, too. Hey, I'm a giver that way. Now, on to the list!

Things I Don't Support

People who are intolerant of other people's cultures.

The Dutch.

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself there.

Those stupid little foil/paper covers they put over the tops of bottles that you have to tear off before you can get to the food/beverage inside. Why can't they put bigger flaps on them so that they're easier to get off? Should I really need to get out a knife to open my milk bottle? Yes, I'm ranting. And? Don't make me put you on my list.

Underwear with inadequate elastic that falls down when you wear it.

People who take themselves too seriously.

Seafood. Ick.

Mushrooms hiding in my food.

Those really bright headlights that blind you even on the low setting.

Ice cream companies making their containers smaller.

Cookies that try to make raisins look like chocolate chips. That's just wrong.

Mean people.

People who throw their cigarette butts on the ground. Isn't it enough that you pollute the air? You've gotta pollute the ground, too?

Bratz dolls.

Tissue paper without lotion in it.

People who steal antenna balls. Really?

All political commercials.


Do-it-yourself projects that I can't do.

Commuter coffee cups that can't go in the dishwasher. Learned that one the hard way. A couple of times.

People from Belgium who visit your blog every day but never, ever, leave a comment.

Okay, I'm going to leave it at that for now. I may revisit the topic sometime though. You know, when I have nothing to write about. Maybe I should start making a list...


Beth said...

I say I'm from Indiana...but maybe I'm really sitting in Belgium chortling like those silly Europeans do...

Wendy said...

I thought it might be you, Beth. *shaking my fist at you*

jasonS said...

I happen to like mushrooms- they can hide in my food anytime (well, I do draw the line at cereal).

Also what does it say about you that you can't do your do-it-yourself projects? Just a question... :)

Wendy said...

Jason, you're now on my list.

Casey said...

Seafood?? Really?? Wow....

Know what I don't like... the ridiculously bad hiccups that I have right now. Ugh... I mean really.... do they have to be soooo bad. Grrr...

How's that for random?? LOL

Heather said...

Okay I'm with you on almost everything except the mushrooms. On the inadequate elastic is it possible that you could be loosing weight? And I'm with you for sure on the DIY projects, maybe they should tell you on the package what kind of degree you need so you don't purchase and find you need you a masters to even start it!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

What did mushrooms and shrimp ever do to you?

I personally hate those paper postcardy things that fall out of magazines. Seriously, did anyone EVER subscribe to a magazine using one of those???

Anonymous said...

You would not have enjoyed dinner at my house tonight, Wendy. It had seafood and mushrooms in it!

I don't like kids toys that are so strapped into the box that you have to take off 12 twist-ties...then you start on the next layer!!

MistiPearl said...

"Cookies that try to make raisins look like chocolate chips. That's just wrong."

Okay, WHAT is the deal with all you raisin haters?!?! Raisins are another example of God's (provision) grace and mercy, using even that which is old, dried up, and wrinkly to provide nourishment. (Even if some companies inadvertently portray them as choco chips.)We should be incredibly thankful for raisins!!

mmmm....raisins...oatmeal raisin cookies....mmmm (drool)
Thank you Lord for raisins!And please forgive the raisin-haters, they know not what they are saying (defunct tastebuds and all...)

Helen said...

I like mushrooms, shrimp, and raisins. But not together.

Actually, I only like raisins straight out of the box. I don't think raisins actually add anything of value to the pure goodness of a cookie..

I agree with you on lots of other things, though..

Christi said...

Ok, I know you were joking about the Dutch thing but you really shouldn't because they gave the world such a precious gift as perfecting chocolate or cocoa or something like that. I don't remember exactly but we don't want them to take all the chocolate away.

As for raisins, they are gross. gross. gross. I love craisins so it isn't the wrinklyness that's gross. It is the flavor of the raisin. And they hide like bugs in food that would have been good except someone put raisins in.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

I'm going to hold onto this idea for when I run out of blog post ideas.... but seriously, I would have to write for DAYS to cover all of 'em....

PamperingBeki said...

The truth is out. I'm in Belgium.
I just make up all that Kansas crap.

katdish said...

Jukeboxes on my friends' blogs that take FOREVER to load and scare my dog with polka and Abba music.


Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I hate raisins. I like mushrooms. Even mushrooms that my husband foraged from my yard and researched like crazy and decided were edible and cooked for us and we didn't die or anything. Even those.

But I like seafod. And I like the Dutch. Heck, I'd probably even like Dutch seafood.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I took my jukebox down all because of katdish - back when I wanted her to think she was the boss of me.

sherri said...

Belgium? Do you think they're the chocolate people? Tell them not to bother commenting- just send the sweets!