Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Steph - or - Nuttier Than Squirrel Poop

So, today is Steph's birthday. Yup, she's made it through another year. But what do you give to a person who gives so much to everyone else? After racking my brain for seconds, I finally came up with the answer. She loves poop and she really loves squirrels... So Happy Birthday, Steph! This is all for you...

From the Urban Dictionary:
Squirrel poop - something which does not exist. As the waste travels down the large intestine, it comes to it's end where magic causes it to disappear. While many simply believe that after this stage it no longer exists, many scientists believe that it could actually be teleported to another dimension, or something even further beyond our comprehension.


But wait! There's more! Be warned though, the following video is not for the faint of heart. But I'm sure Steph will love it. Really.

But hey, did you know that Steph has gone into law enforcement? It's true. Here's proof:


I'm sure the "he" part is just a typo.

Many people like to give little tidbits of wisdom or warning to others for their birthday. Since I'm all about that kind of thing... Steph - beware:


It truly does.

Well Steph, I hope you liked your birthday gift. Enjoy your special day and all that kind of thing... Ooo! The party hats are here!


Now why don't you head on over to Steph's blog and wish her a very happy birthday? Oh, and don't forget your party hat!


Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

One word, Wendy:


Okay, a few more words:
Those hats are the nastiest thing I have EVER seen. Even more nasty than the slo-mo telekinetic squirrel poo.

Thanks for that. My birthday will now be AWESOME.

Marni said...

Wendy you are one twisted woman...

I LOVE that about you! ;-)

jasonS said...

Disturbingly fascinating. Happy birthday, Steph!

Helen said...

I never heard the urban legend that squirrels don't poo. I never thought about squirrel poo until now.... GAAAAA!