Thursday, September 16, 2010

Space aliens have stolen my brain


Last night, while on the twitter, I saw that Duane was (finally) bringing back Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday. Okay, really Duane? A horrible car accident is no reason to not be Pleasantly Disturbed. Anyway, I was thinking I should probably write a post for it.

By this morning, I'd forgotten about it.

Because space aliens have stolen my brain. I should have never taken off my tin foil hat. And yes, I have written a tin foil hat post. You can read it here. But it goes over the line from Pleasantly Disturbed to Clearly Disturbed. Read with caution. And no eating or drinking while reading please. It's for your own good.

Now, what was I saying? Oh yes, a post.

Here's the problem. I forget things. Often. My husband says I should write things down so I won't forget them. And I try. I really do. But I've usually forgotten them by the time I find a piece of paper and a writing instrument. And then I wonder what I'm doing with a pencil in my hand. In the kitchen. And did I really pick out this outfit today?

After many episodes of remembering and then forgetting about trying to figure out a post, I took a much needed nap. It was lovely, thank you. And wouldn't you know it? I had a dream about doing a Pleasantly Disturbed post! I even wrote down the topic on a piece of paper in my dream, just so I could remember what it was. I was doing really well.

And then I woke up.

Yeah, I can't remember what I wrote on that paper in my dream.

I am so Pleasantly Disturbed.


jasonS said...

Through some the disturbed motif is elevated to an art form--I would say you have achieved as much. Bravo.

Duane Scott said...

Don't sugar-coat it? Okay.

Um... you're more disturbed than the rest of us.

Unless you call sniffing car salesmen rather disturbing.

But ya... I think you win. :)

Hey, you dreamed about me! YEA!