Sunday, November 8, 2009

Have fun storming the castle!


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We moved up here to Washington almost 4 years ago now so there are still a lot of things around here that are new to us. We'll drive by different places and want to check them out and we've done quite a bit of exploring. But there was one place that just really had us baffled. We'd drive by it on the freeway and always wonder what it was. It was a big, industrial size building with no windows in it. According to the sign, it was called "The Castle." It had an outline of a castle on the sign and under the name it said "Knights and Damsels Welcome." But there was nothing else. We were stumped. It became a thing with us to drive by and wonder about it. Was it a big indoor playground (they have those here in the Pacific Northwest)? Or maybe something like Medieval Times (a dinner and tournament place)? Some big place for reenactments? Yup, it was a mystery.

One afternoon, we were out and about and were in the area of The Castle. We had no pressing engagements, so we decided to solve the big mystery and actually get off the freeway and go see exactly what it is that we were missing. We pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. I held my daughter's hand as we walked toward the front door and she started asking what the place was. As we got closer to the doors, we saw signs posted... "No one under 18 allowed" and the like. Oh, lovely. We just brought our daughter to an adult store. Not exactly the best idea for a family outing. She couldn't understand why we were leaving before we even went in. I told her I'd explain it to her when she was 40.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to remember what that place is when I'm in your area and think we should stop by to check it out... LOL

Helen said...

yeah. It'd take a LOT of makeup for a second grader to be able to pass for 18... Leaving was an excellent choice...(in case you had any doubts)

water said...

So funny. What were they thinking with that sign? 40 sounds about the right age to me.
That is the equivalent of Bass Pro Shops calling
themselves Pointers and Setters.

SarahBeeCreations said...

We drove past one the other day and my daughter asked if we could stop at Disneyland. (She's never been and we live in AZ)
Not quite the same as Cinderella's Castle!

Wendy said...

Sarah - You mean it's a chain?! AAAAAA!!!

jasonS said...

Well, isn't that lovely! It was an honest mistake. I just can't believe it took you 4 years to stop and figure out what it was... :)