Monday, November 16, 2009

The post that wasn't


Due to circumstances beyond my control, my Life is Funny post will not be appearing today. I had one. It involved another one of my daughter's infamous "mean mommy" notes to me with the added bonus of a picture she drew of me with a line through it. Yup, good times. But the post is just not to be. Perhaps when things get back to normal around here, I'll have her spend more quality time in her room just so I can get more of these lovely notes to share with you. Please don't let my lack of a post deter you from doing your own Life is Funny post though. You'll find Mr. Linky below, as always. Feel free to join in. Entertain me. I need a good laugh.


katdish said...

Well, Billy wrote a post about farts on my blog today. What's not funny about that?

Answer: Nothing.

Heart2Heart said...

No worries, can't wait til you make it back real soon!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Can I leave you a funny here?

Ten: the number of disciples Jesus would have had if God really wanted us to use the metric system.