Monday, November 23, 2009

Life is Funny - Another week, another note.


Okay, it's time for the Life is Funny blog carnival. Who's in? Mr. Linky is standing by...

While I'm still not over the loss of last week's note, my daughter has stepped up and given me another one this week. Instead of the usual "I have the meanest mommy in the world" theme she usually goes with, she's moved on to guilt and trying to use it for her own personal gain. Oh yeah, she's good.

Saturday morning I woke up with a horrendous sinus headache. How my head did not explode is beyond me. Anyway, the kiddo had decided that she wanted to go out to see Grandma and PopPop. After discussing it with my sinuses, I decided that it just wasn't going to happen. Something about driving while I could barely open my eyes made that the sensible choice. But did that stop my daughter from asking repeatedly throughout the day if she could go out there? Have I told you about my daughter before? There was no peace to be found that day. Perhaps she thought that in my weakened state I'd forget that I'd told her no a gazillion times. Not so much. So she moved on to a new tactic: The note.


It says, "I want to go to grandma's house today not tomorrow because I don't want to go tomorrow can daddy take me yes or no?" They're still working on punctuation and such in school. Anyway, please notice the many tears running down the face on the picture she drew of herself. Heartwrenching, isn't it? While many parents would cave under this kind of pressure, I stood my ground. Or sofa, as the case may be. Hey, I didn't win the "Meanest Mommy of the Year" award for nothing.

Okay, okay. I'm taking her over there today, God willin' and the creek don't rise. But I still win, right? Right? Hello?

Now it's your turn. What will you be sharing with us this week?


jasonS said...

Hmmm... My kids haven't written me any nasty notes yet (maybe they won't ever for all I know). I just get the dirty looks and stares of death where they try to explode me with their minds. Thankfully, it hasn't worked yet.

Heart2Heart said...

You know there is something there between grand parents and their grandkids! I say, take her on over and use this time to rest!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tiffany S said...

Does that Meanest Mommy in the World award come with a plaque or a trophy? So, my life was NOT funny this week (check out my blog), but I'll try to participate next week!