Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life is Funny - The real reason


Ready for another round of the Life is Funny blog carnival? 'Cause it's ready for you! How about joining in below? And remember, we're laughing with you, not at you. Mostly.

My husband and I were getting ready to watch Amazing Race this evening when they showed a re-cap from last week's show. One of the pairs was eliminated because the woman on the team refused to go down a waterslide. In my most non-judgemental tone possible, I expressed my disbelief that anyone would quit the race over a waterslide. Who can't go down a waterslide?!

And then a memory came back to me...

Many years back, I worked a summer as a daycamp counselor at the YMCA. I spent the summer with a group of 7-year olds (mostly boys) and had a great time. One day, our entire group went to a waterslide park. I'd always loved waterslide parks and the one that we were going to was the biggest one I'd ever been to. So I took my kids around the park and we went on all kinds of slides when they decided that they wanted to go on some of the bigger slides. Cool! Up we went to our first big slide. But this waterslide had some instructions I hadn't seen before - you had to keep your arms and legs crossed while you slid down. They guy at the top explained that it was to keep your arms and legs safe while you rode the slide.

Big, fat liar.

Anyway, I sent my kids down first and then it was my turn. Down I went at super-speed and was having a great time. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way my legs came uncrossed. I hit that bottom pool at high speed with uncrossed legs. You see, the real reason that they say to keep your legs crossed is to avoid the whitewater enema that you will receive at the end of your ride otherwise. In between my screams, I managed to yell to the kids to wait right there as I ran at breakneck speed for the nearest bathroom. Barely made it, too. And can I just say that that was the last time I went on a waterslide that required the crossing of legs?

So the next time you're feeling, um, blocked, why not head over to your local waterpark? It'll all work out in the end.


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Ginny (MAD21) said...

Oh, good grief! I had the same thing happen years ago. It was one of those tall slides that you go pretty much straight down on at a very high speed. However, there was no sign telling you to cross anything, so there was no warning at all!! Just plain wrong, I tell ya!

Kelli said...

So yeah. I just spit on my computer screen i laughed so hard at this. Simply hysterical. And of course, a story only you would admit to!

Love it! K

Beki - TheRustedChain said...


Heart2Heart said...


If we were on the Amazing Race, I told my hubby he has permission to put my butt on the slide and just push!

Poor thing, but her boyfriend afterwards was amazing!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Helen said...

I can't recall that ever happening to me on a waterslide... But from now on I will keep my legs crossed on all waterslides, just in case.

jasonS said...

Ahhh, nice story. Well, horrible story actually but really funny. So glad you shared. :)

Billy Coffey said...

I'd write something here, but I'm too busy shaking my head with my mouth hanging open.