Friday, November 14, 2008

And now, for something more serious...

As I watched the news this morning, there was a report that deeply saddened me. My alma mater, Westmont College, had been burning along with the surrounding area of Montecito, California. Thankfully, none of the students or faculty at Westmont were injured. Unfortunately, the school lost eight structures including dormitory housing in Clark Hall, the first dorm I lived in my freshman year. Most heartbreaking to me was that fourteen faculty homes have burned. The faculty at Westmont aren't paid what they're worth, but one of the "perks" of working there was the faculty housing. With that gone, I'm not sure how those professors will be able to afford housing in the very expensive Santa Barbara area. I am very hopeful that everything will be set to right soon. God is good and He does amazing things.

Here is a news story on the fire:

Here is another video about the Westmont that I know and love:

I ask that you pray for those at Westmont and to all those living in the Montecito area who have lost their homes in this terrible fire.

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