Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'll procrastinate later


I had grand plans for today. Since I'm on pie duty for Thanksgiving and pies take quite a bit of time, I thought I'd get them all done today so that I wouldn't have to be rushing around tomorrow. Just for good measure, I told my sister that I'd make the sweet potatoes, too. Hey, I could get that prepped today, too, then just put it in the oven tomorrow before I leave for her house.

Good plans, huh?

And what did I get done today?

(drum roll please)

Nothing! I didn't even clean the kitchen to make room so I could create the pie extravaganza. I know, I know... I'm a procrastinator. Pie is a lot of work! My sister accused me of cheating because I bought a monster-sized pumpkin pie from Costco. Hey, that's one pie down! Now, just two or three more to go... *sigh*

I wonder if it would be quicker to make the turkey...

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