Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nothin' spooky about candy!


I got in some extra exercise last night! Okay, it was trick-or-treating with my daughter. We went over to my friend, Stinkerbell's, house (yes, she said I could call her that) and we walked her neighborhood collecting goodies. It was a lot of fun for the grownups as well as the kids. And can I tell you that I was more than a little sore before starting the festivities? And why did there have to be hills in her neighborhood? Anyway, Stinkerbell read my post about trying to get back into exercising and do you know what she did? She offered to be my workout buddy! Can you believe that? And I thought she was my friend... Expecting me to actually work out? What was she thinking?

Okay, okay... I'll do it.

Right after I rifle through my daughter's Halloween candy to pull out all the Snickers, Twix and Butterfingers for myself check to make sure it's all safely wrapped. :o)

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