Tuesday, March 3, 2009

All I want for Easter is my one front tooth

After seeing the title of this post, you probably thought it was going to be about my daughter, didn't you? Well, you'd be wrong.

Way back when, I got my front tooth knocked out. Yes, it was the permanent one. It was horrible. I was jumped by a gang of thugs and they just knocked it out. No? Would you believe that it was a horrible hockey fight? No, huh? Well, would you believe that it was knocked out by a Girl Scout? Oh sure, that one you'd believe. Of course, that really is what happened... I was in 4th grade and at a Girl Scout meeting. We were in the back yard playing and doing gymnastics while we waited for the meeting to start. Well, I was going one way, and another girl was going another way... I got kicked in the face and it knocked out me and my tooth. Ick..

Flash forward. I've been working on getting a dental implant for said tooth for almost 3 years now. I've been through an awful lot to get to the point I'm at now ( I can't hear "bone graft" without getting the shivers) and I'd really like my tooth. Oh sure, I've got a fake one in there now, but I want the permanent one in there. I miss eating corn on the cob without looking like a side show act. I was told last spring that I should be done by last summer and that I'd get to have that corn on the cob. Nope. They just keep dangling that carrot in front of me. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've heard, "Just a few weeks more!" Well, today was supposed to be the day. Yes, "supposed" to be. The tooth was at the dentist's office waiting to be put in. Too bad that it was the wrong color. And not just a little bit wrong either, although I wouldn't mind my teeth being that glowing white. .

So here I wait, listening to the call of the wild corncob. .

I'll bet my dentist buys carrots in bulk.


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gina said...

I have all front fake teeth due to an a car accident when I was 16. During my recovery I underwent a year and a half of dental work to get permanent teeth. It was two bridges permanently secured to back teeth salvaged. Unfortunately, the teeth that were saved shouldn't have been due to loss of gum and I suffered terrible infections for years. I finally just chose last year to remove the bottom teeth and now have a removable bridge that clamps onto the remaining four molars I have. :( But finally I am pain and infection free. And married and older so able to handle having removable bridges- emotionally I mean.

Never mind corn on the cob- what I wouldn't give to be able to bite into a sandwich....