Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm hungry mother. Really, I am.


Today is day three of the school being closed due to snow. And do you know what I've been hearing for the last three days?

"Mommy, I'm hungry! Will you please give me some food?"

How can a child be starving 5 minutes after she's done eating a meal? She's always been a good eater, even as a baby. My friends with kids the same age used to like to go out to eat with us in the hopes that my daughter would teach their kids to eat. It never rubbed off, but others would stare in amazement as they watched my 2 year old clear a huge plate of food and then ask for more. I swear I don't know where it all goes.

So now, every 15 minutes or so, my child comes to me begging for food. And now that it's the start of Christmas vacation, I'll get to hear it for the next two weeks. Oh, look. Here she comes again now. Has it been 15 minutes already?


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