Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is Funny - Death by 1000 commercials


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This post comes to you today thanks/blame to Linda at 777 Peppermint Place because she brought up something I've been beating my head against the wall, trying to find a happy place, to forget. Yeah, thanks/blame, Linda.

Have you ever heard of death by 1000 cuts? It's a slow, painful and torturous kind of death. Well, my husband has created death by 1000 commercials. What commercials does he use to inflict this cruelty?


Yes, it's the horrible "Free Credit Report" commercials. My daughter and I hate them, but he loves them. And he likes to make sure that we watch them whenever possible, keeping a death grip on the remote. As if that wasn't bad enough, if we aren't in the room with him when one of those commercials comes on, he turns up the volume so loud that it can be heard from any room in the house. Yup, slow, painful and torturous death. It's just wrong that the first word my daughter knew how to spell was F-R-E-E. Poor kid is scarred for life. Do you feel my pain?!

Now, for something more serious. And because I hate those commercials with a passion. Getting your credit report there is not free. Big ol' scam to get you to pay for other things. If you want an actual free credit report, which federal law says you are entitled to, you can go to this site to get started. Seriously people? Don't fall into their little trap - it'll only allow them make more commercials.

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I'm going to go rock in a corner now.


lindayezak said...

How funny! Of all the things I can inspire people to do, I've managed to start a rash of commercial complaints!

This is one that bugged me, too. I liked some of them, but most of them were just loud and obnoxious.

I feel your pain!

This looks like a fun carnival. If I had time this week, I'd love to join in! Is it a weekly event?

Wendy said...

Linda - Yes, it's a weekly (mostly) thing here on Mondays. And how do you feel being a muse?