Monday, December 7, 2009

Life is Funny - DOH!


Slowly but surely (yes, I called you Shirley), the Christmas decor is going up around my house. Of course, the tree is important and all, but the first thing to go out is usually the Advent calendar.


Gotta get that Christmas countdown going on December 1st or face the wrath of a 7-year old.

You know, you'd think that a child would be thrilled to get little presents every day leading up to Christmas, but that's not always the case. There was the Year of the Play-Doh that came with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Yup, I bought the multi-pack of the tiny Play-Doh containers that were just the right size to fit in the little Advent boxes. What kid doesn't like Play-Doh, right? Apparently, my kid. It got to the point that she was afraid to open the doors for fear of finding another can of mushy evil behind it. Yet one more reason that I've had a Play-Doh gift pack hidden in the gift closet for years - I wouldn't want to cause any more Play-Doh trauma. *Insert eye-roll here*

December 1st kind of snuck up on me this year. I woke up that morning and realized that I'd forgotten to fill the calendar. Since my daughter would be awake any minute, I only put something in the first box figuring I could do the rest later when she was at school. When my daughter came downstairs and opened the first box in the Advent calendar, I was in the office (probably on Twitter). She came in to show me the new Christmas socks that she just pulled out of the box, then she proceeded to ask me why all the other boxes were empty. "Um, why were you looking in the other boxes, child of mine?"


Yup, totally busted. She's still working on the art of sneakiness. So close...

Well, there you have it - a Doh two-fer. Okay, to tell you the truth, I didn't even notice it was a two-fer until I was more than halfway through the post. Maybe I should have typed out Play-Doh a few more times... Anyway, now it's your turn! C'mon, I know you've got something to share with the rest of the class!


Ginny (MAD21) said...

Sometimes it feels like we have to be living in the same house.

This is so funny! They keep us on our toes, don't they??

jasonS said...

Mushy evil is most often the worst kind.

Oh and, Slowly Butt Shirley sounds like a delightful elderly woman who has narcolepsy of the butt... Yes, I crack myself up.

Jeanne Damoff said...

Ha! Subterfuge is your daughter's middle name. (Why'd you do that to the poor kid anyway? It's so hard to spell.)

Helen said...

So you told her that you didn't put anything in the other drawers because you knew she was going to sneak a peak, right? I certainly hope you used this as an opportunity to prove your omnipotence to her.