Friday, December 18, 2009

Twitter! Twitter! Twitter!


It's Twitter H0-down time people! Did you know that you can join in on the fun? Head over to Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants and sign up! C'mon, you can do it! And now, let the revelry begin!

The one-liners

@makeadiff21 Sorry, I only use my powers for good. *snort*

@sarahmsalter What would your grandmother say about you watching an R rated movie? Shameful! Next thing you know it'll be colored undies.

@sarahmsalter You never let me punch anyone in the neck anymore.

Okay, time for me to hit the hay, too. That'll teach it.

RT @Brian_Russell Someone's excited about Christmas! // Oh. My. Google.


The Twitter Ho-down Mr. Linky is up! TWSS.

Merry Christmas, twitter. From my family to yours. (RT @thedayhascome)


A little bit longer ones

weightwhat I'm here. No, no. Don't applaud. Just throw money.

sarahmsalter @weightwhat You don't ask for much, do you?

weightwhat @sarahmsalter No, I don't. I'm very humble that way.

weightwhat @Helenatrandom - Why weren't we invited to join in on this?

Helenatrandom @weightwhat Yeah...You know how many parties I've gone too where they refuse to play that song because they know I'll start spanking myself?

weightwhat @sarahmsalter Was someone being a shameless hussy again?

sarahmsalter @weightwhat What's the definition of shameless hussy again?

weightwhat @sarahmsalter A girl who wears colored underwear, of course. And dyes her hair.

SBeeCreations Good morning. Dropped the kiddo off to school. Hands are freezing. About to trek off to work.

weightwhat @SBeeCreations If only they made something to keep your hands warm... If they came up with something, they could call them gloves.

makeadiff21 @weightwhat A new gift idea :)

weightwhat @makeadiff21 That would make my life complete. TWSS.


sarahmsalter @br8kthru Don't make assumptions. You know what happens when you assume...

br8kthru @sarahmsalter I get very gassy, but how did you know that?

weightwhat @br8kthru Asking people to pull your finger constantly might have been a clue.

Helenatrandom @weightwhat Remember when I was lamenting the lack of skanky male ho's on twitter (as a joke). Well....Guess who (or what) is following me

weightwhat @Helenatrandom Oh Helen, you're so lucky! How did you become a skanky man-ho magnet?

The ones that are even longer

marni71 @weightwhat @billycoffey Um, yeah. There is doll furniture on there that cost more than my regular furniture. WTFrak?

billycoffey @marni71 You get extra points for saying frack.

marni71 @billycoffey It's a @PuriChristos -ism. I hope I don't have to pay him royalties for that.

weightwhat @marni71 But he clearly stole it from Battlestar Galactica. Crap. I wasn't going to admit to knowing that...

beckfromfrogandtoad Just one of the reasons I'm glad the Baby is taking a pass on Pre-K this year - kid gets stuck in the bathroom 10 times a day.

weightwhat @beckfromfrogandtoad Well, there's one way to get some mommy time in.

beckfromfrogandtoad @weightwhat I have to run to the bathroom multiple times a day to let her out.

weightwhat @beckfromfrogandtoad Eh, run/walk slowly after taking a nap - potato/potahto.

And the ‘why don’t you just post the whole conversation’ ones

sarahmsalter @BridgetChumbley You could probably finish online, if you place your orders today. Or do what I'm doing. Go to Walmart & get 'em gift cards.

weightwhat @sarahmsalter Do you hate them?

weightwhat @sarahmsalter But Walmart? Wouldn't it just be easier to slap him?

billycoffey @weightwhat Don't be hatin' on Walmart, Wendy.

weightwhat @billycoffey Walmart is the devil, Billy.

billycoffey @weightwhat Maybe, but where do you think I got most of my blog posts and half of a book?

weightwhat @billycoffey I didn't know your book was in the horror category...

weightwhat Okay, who's up? TWSS

BridgetChumbley @weightwhat It is awesome that you even TWS* yourself, Wendy. How are you feeling?

weightwhat @BridgetChumbley And I have to TWSS myself. What if no one else showed up to do it? That would be tragic.

BridgetChumbley @weightwhat Breathing is about all I'm doing... feel awful! And yes it would be tragic if we all missed the opportunity... hehe

weightwhat @BridgetChumbley If a TWSS falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it...

weightwhat Okay, could someone please entertain me now? And peel me a grape while you're at it?

br8kthru @weightwhat ok, I'm late to the entertaining request, but I'm doing a dance under my desk. No need to thank me!

weightwhat @br8kthru Why under your desk? Afraid people might start sticking dollar bills in your pants if you're on top of the desk?

SBeeCreations @br8kthru in a dancing mood today? there are some folks around here who could use some amusement/ cheering up

weightwhat @SBeeCreations Yeah @br8kthru! Take it off! Take it off! AAAAA!!! Put it back on!!!

br8kthru @SBeeCreations @weightwhat Hey, I'll have you know that in a dimly lit room, I have been told I am very attractive. So there!

weightwhat @br8kthru It was so nice of your mother to tell you that!

So there you have it. Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

It brought two tears... :0)

Nick the Geek said...

OK, the happy for Christmas picture would have ruined my computer had I been drinking. Friends don't let friends drink and read this post.

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bman said...

Oh no. That picture... I can't help but laugh at that! Seriously! You don't have to be immature to laugh... right? Right??