Monday, December 28, 2009

Life is Funny - Family traditions


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Christmas is a time for families to gather together and enjoy traditions passed down through the years. My family doesn't really have a lot of traditions, and most of the ones we do have are new additions for us. But there is one tradition that has stood the test of time and was upheld, once again, at my house: The losing of the gifts. What? You don't practice this in your family? Well, it goes way back in my family. Gifts are put into hiding places for safe-keeping until Christmas, but then they mysteriously disappear before being recovered. Part of the magic of Christmas, I guess.

I remember my parents losing gifts when I was a kid, only to find them months after Christmas. Some gifts are never found again, even after packing up a house and moving. Perhaps they end up in the land of the lost socks. But every year it happens. I've tried to get around this family tradition by claiming one of the closets in my house as the gift closet, yet the outcome is still the same. Fortunately for me, this year it was only stocking stuffers that fell into the void. I guess it's kind of lucky for my husband this year since the stocking stuffers in question included coal for his stocking. It just baffles me though. I shouldn't be surprised when gifts turn up missing anymore, yet it gets to me every year. Where do these things go? I just don't know. On the upside, by the time I finally find this year's missing gifts, the coal could turn to diamonds...


Jo@Mylestones said...

I suppose it was an unspoken rule in your family's Christmas exchange..."no perishable gifts, please!"
Good luck with the whole coal to diamonds theory. :-)

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Ha, I've never heard of losing presents...well, I suppose we forget what the presents were a few weeks removed from Christmas.

I'd like to know when people stopped putting gifts on Christmas trees...Probably when they realized a 50" plasma screen TV wouldn't fit on a tree.

Heart2Heart said...

Love that in time that piece of coal will eventually turn into a diamond. I too have this same problem every year. It turned out hubby missed one of mine and found it in a dresser drawer 3 days after Christmas but only after I reminded him that it was missing. Nice huh!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat