Thursday, February 5, 2009

The moment of truth...

Okay, okay... I'll talk.


1. An Arab man tried to buy me. True!

I was working at Disneyland at the time. I was selling Mickey Mouse balloons at the front of the park near the train station. Not far from where I was standing, a group of Arab men were walking by when they all suddenly stopped and looked at me. Two of the men approached me and asked, "He would like to know how much to buy you?" "Um, the balloons are a dollar," was my reply. "No, he would like to know how much to buy you." A bit more nervous this time, "The balloons are a dollar!" The two men walked back to the group, said something to the man in the middle and they all stared at me for a bit longer. Finally they moved on. No, I won't be forgetting that one anytime soon!


2. I've ridden an elephant through the jungle. True!

Back in the summer of '93, I went on a summer mission trip to Thailand. While there, I did get to ride an elephant through the jungle, and yes! It was scary! Even though there was a "seat" on the elephant's back, it didn't feel at all stable. I have to say that I was pretty darn happy to get off! One of the other highlights of that day was having a baby elephant steal a bunch of bananas from me. So cute!!! I'll have to post more about my Thailand adventures sometime.


3. I spent a year performing with a circus. False!

No self-respecting circus would have me! The closest I've ever come to anything circus-y was when I was in college (yea Westmont!) and half of the student body would go down to Ensenada, Mexico, for a spring break mission trip. I was on the Mime Team (no, not like that) and we'd dress up like clowns and perform in the different villages. It was a lot of fun, but it was no circus.

So there you have it. Isn't it fun to have stories to tell? And for all of you who stayed silent, don't you wish you'd played along? Hmmm...?


MoonGoddess said...

Good to hear you never ran away with the circus! I hear that they make you work for peanuts... or maybe that was just the elephants!

Kelli said...

Yeah!! I was right! I couldn't decide between that and the first story :)

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Oh man - I'm never wrong! Unless of course you ask my red-headed daughter in which case I'm never right!

Quite an eventful life you've led Miss Thang. I can't believe you worked at Disneyland. Selling balloons or not - I swear I'm going to work for Mickey one day!

Holly said...

Okay, that thing about the guy trying to buy you is scary. Wonder what he had in mind? :O

Yellows said...

Never heard your "Arab man" story, but it's a great one. Best I got is the time a guest asked me if the Plaza Inn was a bordello.