Sunday, February 15, 2009

When will then be now?


Time is a mystery. Where does it go and why does it go so fast? I just signed up for facebook and I've been looking up old college friends. College seems like it was just a couple of years back, so I'm a bit shocked when I think about it being 20 years ago. I feel like I've blinked and missed something - like 20 years! How can that be?!

Time is something of a mystery for my daughter, too. To her, everything that's in the past was yesterday. Hmmm... I know the feeling. She's constantly asking me what time it is (usually because she's hoping it's time to eat) even though it doesn't mean anything to her. If she asks me what time we'll be doing something, I'll usually tell her "later" since she won't be able to figure out a specific time by looking at a clock. Then, of course, we get in to "when is later" and "is it later yet?" To a 6 year old, later is forever away. For me, later comes and goes so quickly I feel like I'm getting whiplash.

If anyone has come up with a way to slow down time, could you please share it with me?

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MoonGoddess said...

I'm still hopeful that I will spontaneously develop that power Prue had on Charmed where she could freeze time

I just want it to slow down, but if I can't have that, at least freeze it so I can catch up on everything I need to do.