Saturday, February 28, 2009

Don't buy Girl Scout Cookies from an aardvark.


We're in the thick of things here in Girl Scout Cookie Land. Yup, cookies as far as the eye can see. Okay, maybe not that far, but my living room is pretty full.

We had our cookie rally the other night and the girls had a blast. There were a bunch of different tables set up with different cookie-related things to do at them. And you may find this hard to believe, but the girls' favorite table was the one where they got to sample all the cookies. Shocker, huh? My favorite part was at the end when they all screamed sang camp songs. No, really. It's great fun to have "Stinky Skunk" running through your head all night long, especially when you have a headache.

One of my friends owns a scrapbooking store and I took my daughter there tonight to drop off the cookies she had ordered. They were having a workshop there and my friend yelled out to everyone there asking if they wanted to buy Girl Scout Cookies from a cute Daisy (pulling my daughter in so everyone could see her). The ladies lined up and my daughter sold 11 extra boxes of cookies and had a great time doing it. Wasn't my friend sweet to do that? If you're ever in the South Puget Sound area and need scrapbooking supplies, feel free to head over to Toadilly Scrappin'!

Next weekend I'll be hanging out at my local grocery store with my troop selling cookies at the exit door. The girls all think that this will be the coolest thing ever! I still can't get over how excited they are to sell cookies. It really is pretty cute. I just hope that we'll be able to sell all we've got, because you know who will end up with them if we don't...

Now, for something completely unrelated... A couple of blogs I follow have had some especially funny posts that you should check out - PamperingBeki and Moongoddess - don't miss the video clip on the first and click the link on the second. And make sure you aren't drinking any milk at the time, that way it won't come out your nose when you laugh.


gina said...

I wish I lived near you- I haven't seen any Girl SCouts selling around here... Beki's clip was hilarious... I'm going to see that other one you're talking about..

MoonGoddess said...

Oh the cookies... sounds like they are at least enthusiastic about selling them. My sister never was. Good luck selling them next weekend.

& thanks for the link to my post. That car still has me giggling & thinking..who needs this done? April 1st is coming really soon. Maybe someone's office?

OH & in regards to the other post.. I have advice. More like tried & true handed down suggestion that works. Just play along with the creep then give him 212-479-7990. Yeah its an NYC number, but make up some story about not wanting to change the number when you moved. Anyway its the NYC Reject Line. The guy calls & gets told by a recording that he has been rejected. Hilarious & a lot quicker to get rid of the creepy number collectors sometimes! :)