Saturday, February 7, 2009



There are times when it's just better to stay home. This morning was one of those times.

Today was World Thinking Day for the Girl Scouts, and our troop was going to a special event along with the other troops in the area. Unfortunately, my daughter started complaining about having a headache before we left. Since she wasn't having stroke symptoms like she usually does with her migraines, I thought it was just a regular headache and I gave her some Tylenol. By the time we needed to leave, she was acting normal again. So, no problem, right?


We got about half an hour into the program when she started complaining that her head hurt. Great. I was wondering if she could hold out a bit longer, but then I got my answer. There was a great tossing of cookies. I couldn't help but be reminded of the barf-o-rama scene in Stand By Me. (I can't bring myself to embed the video clip on my blog - it's just too disgusting. Watch at your own peril.) Once this unfortunate event happened, she felt fine. Of course, she was covered in yuckiness, so there was just no staying around after that. It was back home for us. After a bath for her, she was back to playing as if nothing had ever happened.

I'm guessing that from now on, my daughter and I will be given a wide berth at all Girl Scouting events.


MoonGoddess said...

Aw.. poor girl. Isn't it amazing how fast kids can recover? I would be milking that for days.

Darcie - Such The Spot said...

Oh no. That's really unfortunate. For both of you. So sorry for the Thinking Day incident.

I've got to ask though...did you throw in the "tossing of the cookies" thing on purpose? You know, sort of a pun on the whole Girl Scouts thing?

Wendy said...

Darcie -

Yes, I totally thought of that connection with the cookies.

Okay, no. It didn't come to mind at all.

Drats! How could I miss such a thing?