Monday, February 2, 2009

Only The Shadow knows...


Happy Groundhog's Day! Sorry anti-winter folks, but Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning - 6 more weeks of winter! But isn't winter supposed to be around 6 more weeks anyway? At least, that's what my calendar says.

I love winter! Where I live, it's unusual to get enough snow that it actually sticks, but this season we got snowed in. My daughter and I loved it, but my husband, not so much. He was saying the other day that he liked the weather in California better (we moved from So. Cal. a few years ago). I really hated the weather there. The only way you could tell that it was winter was that the temps dropped below 90 degrees. Ick. So, yes, I really enjoy having real seasons. Bring on the snow!

My only problem is that after living in Southern California my whole life, I'm unprepared in the clothing department for winter. I did buy a coat this year though. Oh, and I just bought some really comfy gloves! But that's about it for me. I keep thinking that I'll get more snow-friendly clothing, but it just doesn't happen. With 6 more weeks of winter to contend with, maybe I should consider doing some shopping.

So, Happy Groundhog's day to all those who love winter. To those who don't, you might want to do something before next February 2nd to make sure that you're not stuck in this predicament again.

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MoonGoddess said...

ew,... don't think I will be trying any of those recipes! Thanks anyway.

Just layer up the clothes as much as you can & hang in there. I like having actual seasons myself, even if it does mean you freeze a little now & then.