Sunday, February 1, 2009

Don't forget to pack your angry eyes!

Superbowl Sunday. Who was playing? Okay, okay. I know who was playing. But only because my husband's favorite team was involved. Even he doesn't usually watch sports unless it's a "big game". The only thing I feel like I might be missing out on is the commercials. Thank goodness for the internet so I can watch all the commercials I want! Hmmm... Somehow, that just doesn't sound right. Anyway, I'm sure I haven't gotten to all of the commercials yet, but here's my favorite as of this minute:

The moral of this story is never go out without your "angry eyes". (Yes, it's a blatant Toy Story reference. I just can't help myself.)

What does one do on Superbowl Sunday if she is not watching the game? I took my daughter to the movies. We saw Hotel For Dogs. Cute movie! My little one has been dying to see it since she's a huge fan of dogs. Seriously. Huge. Fan. She will turn everyday household items into collars and leashes. Some items that don't even resemble dogs will become dogs in a pinch. It's not unusual to hear my daughter barking. And asking to be called "Sparkle". The only really embarrassing part is when she starts sniffing people. One day we were out somewhere and she started sniffing a little old lady who was next to her. Nice. I have to warn her to be good or else I'll put a cone around her head. Good thing I just happen to have one handy. I keep it right next to my angry eyes.


gina said...

My girls really loved that movie too and I was surprised at how funny I found it.

I didn't watch the Superbowl either. I read some of Twilight (i know ,I'm a bit behind the eight ball on that) and blogged. What else? lol.

Darcie said...

That was a good one. After the game I was nagging my hubby to do something or other and I could see his eyes sort of glaze over so I said, "Stop wishing I was Mrs. Potato Head and my lips would roll down a steep embankment!"

MoonGoddess said...

I watched the Puppy Bowl all night so I guess it was a little similar only no plot... or popcorn for that matter dang it!