Saturday, January 31, 2009

It was a short night...

Well, tonight was the Father-Daughter Ball... My daughter was excited all day about going to it. She was even asking this morning if she could go right then. We went over to my sister's house where my sister saved my daughter from getting one of my hairdos (I'm 'do impared) and my daughter kept talking about how cute she looked. No self esteem problems there! We came back to the house, got her dressed and started taking pictures. Everything seemed to be going so well...

They were at the ball for less than an hour.

My sister and I decided that we were going to go peek in on the ball so we could see all the fun. My husband and daughter were sitting at a table right next to the door, so they were pretty easy to find. But why weren't they up dancing? YMCA was playing, and who doesn't love that? My daughter wanted no part in it. My husband tried to get her to participate, but no. I guess he asked her if she wanted to go home and she said that she did.

That's when my sister and I were spotted. Oops!

Anyway, they came out and my husband said that our darling daughter didn't want to stay.

And what did I do?

I burst into tears.

I was (okay, I still am) so sad that she would want to pass up this fun night. I know that my daughter doesn't do well in large groups. Even smaller groups can do her in. But it still just broke my heart that she would be missing out.

And I cried. All the way home. When I put my daughter to bed. When I talked to my husband afterward. I'm even getting a bit misty right now.

My husband told me that they did get in two dances when they first arrived, but after that, she was done. I guess it's a start.

So, I'm posting some pictures of the happier, pre-ball, times. Please ignore the tubs in the background of the one picture. They've been there for months for a bit and really need to be taken down to the basement. I'm sure I'll get to it one of these days soon.


gina said...

Oh how DARLING!!!!! Love the crown! :)

She went and has the memory- at least you guys are the supportive type of parents who respected her limits and let her leave. I've seen kids crying at things like this. What fun is that?

MoonGoddess said...

She looks precious! The photos will last longer than the 30 minutes... besides didn't Cinderella leave the ball early?

She has her Dad, got in a few dances in the dress & that's that. Sounds like a smart little lady getting the heck out of there before someone spiked the punch & things got crazy! ;)

Hope she enjoyed the memory & it was a good time in her mind, even if it wasn't what you had hoped it would be for her.

She has time. Before you know it, you will be begging her to come home early.

Darcie said...

Oh my goodness - she is a doll! And about her leaving early? Cinderella was the first to leave the ball too remember? And we all know how that turned out!