Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What am I going to do with four calling birds?


I've often wondered about the 12 Days of Christmas. What are they really and am I getting ripped off in the gift department?

So, I spent some quality time today at the fountain of all knowledge - the internet. And do you know what I found out? No one can agree on what, or even when, the 12 Days of Christmas are.

So why must we be constantly annoyed by the song every year?! The repetition drives me crazy! Yes, there are worse songs out there (don't even get me started on "Feliz Navidad"), but still, do we need to sing about seven swans a-swimming to get into the holiday spirit?

I must admit, the Scottish side of me doesn't mind the 11 pipers piping (as long as they really know their way around the bagpipes).

And just to prove that I'm not a total Scrooge, there is one version of the song that I do like. So, here it is - enjoy! And if you do celebrate 12 days of Christmas, I hope that they're very merry for you! (Whenever they are...)

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