Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let the wrapping begin!


It's time to dig out the wrapping paper and tape, put on the Christmas carols and let the wrapping festivites begin. Since it's snowing like crazy outside right now and there's no way my car would make it up my driveway, it's time to wrap.

That, and because my husband is extremely impatient. He thinks that there should be presents under the tree as soon as the tree goes up.

Presents for him, that is.

He's worse than my 6 year old! What did you get me? Can I open it now? Can I shake it? C'mon, it's almost Christmas! He's incorrigible!

Unfortunately for me, he's really bad at surprising others, too. My Christmas gift has been sitting inside my front door since October. Did I mention that he opened the shipping box and left the contents inside? In an open box. So, now I get to sit and wait to open my purse present. Imagine the surprise on my face on Christmas morning when I open my purse present!

Okay, I'll have to work on my surprised face.

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