Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Land of the Lost


Did you know that it's almost Christmas? My daughter was kind enough to wake me up this morning and let me know that. Good thing I've got her around, otherwise I probably would have forgotten.

There's a tradition in my family that goes way back. We always have to lose at least one gift that we've hidden in a place we don't think we could forget. Said gift will usually turn up later. Sometimes years later. Although I do remember one year when I lost something and I never did find it again, even after we moved. Must be with all the missing socks that never come out of the dryer.

I think I might have avoided this tradition this year, but just barely. This morning I remembered a gift I'd purchased a while back that wasn't in my normal hiding spot. After much searching, I did find it - a Christmas miracle! All gifts are now accounted for. I think. Hmmm... Well, if I find anything else later, I guess it'll just be an early start to next year's shopping. Providing, of course, that I put it in a safe place...

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