Saturday, December 27, 2008

No, no bad car!


We have been trapped at our house for a while now. Trapped by what? The threat of terrorists? The fear of the return of the bird flu? The worry that we'll miss Ed McMahon when he comes to our door with an enormous check?


We're trapped by our car. It's stuck at the top of our driveway, completely blocking our other car from being able to get out. We just got it out of the shop at the beginning of the week, and on Wednesday it was a goner. My husband tried to get out of our driveway that day (yes, Christmas Eve) to go to work, and the snow and ice on our street was so high that the car got stuck. But wait, it gets better... After he dug the car out, he found out that it will no longer go into reverse. Or neutral, for that matter. So, we can't get the car back down the driveway, and we can't get it out of the driveway until our street is clear enough.

My question is, would it still be considered road rage if your car can't make it to the road?

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