Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can I be a loser, too?

I love/hate the show Biggest Loser. I missed the show on Tuesday night because I'm terribly out of the loop. Thank goodness for Tivo. I got to watch the wonderful, wretched show today, so I'm all caught up.

Why do I love the show? It's wonderfully inspiring to watch people work so hard and lose so much weight, totally transforming their lives.

Why do I hate the show? Because those people are losing so much weight and I'm not! Seriously, how do they lose 20+ pounds in one week? I'd have to start lopping off body parts to do that! It's just not right.

I wonder how many hours a day they workout to get that kind of results. And why is it that they never seem to be sore the next day after these killer sessions? I worked out for an hour one time with a personal trainer and it took me a week to recover. What's up with that?

I've got to get motivated here. My big plan is to start working out tomorrow. Today I started getting ready by polishing off the Red Vines cleaning the kitchen and having pizza for dinner planning my grocery shopping trip for tomorrow. Yup, I'm about ready! Now, where are my headband and leg warmers?



gina said...

lol. that sums up my "diet" plan. :)

MoonGoddess said...

Oh I know the feeling well. I keep thinking I will get my rear in gear, yet... yeah there are a million excuses I could type there.

My big plan was to wear a pedometer everyday. Ok check! I do that, yet some how I don't seem to be moving more.

Also got going on for a while, but I keep forgetting to do that too!

Good luck.. to all of us!