Monday, January 5, 2009

Why you shouldn't have a phone in your room


Today was my daughter's first day back at school after the break. She's been asking the entire break when she could go back to school because she missed her teacher. I, on the other hand, was wishing that I could continue to sleep in for a few more weeks.

We got some snow last night that managed to stick, but later it started to rain, so I figured there wouldn't be a problem with school today. You know, because the rain would melt away the snow...

5 a.m.


It was my early morning pre-recorded wake up call to let me know that school would be starting 2 hours late due to snow. Isn't that nice of them to call at 5 a.m. to let you know that you can sleep in for 2 extra hours?

Now, if I could just get back to sleep... You know that's not going to happen. So I went downstairs to watch tv for a while in the hopes of putting myself back to sleep before I really had to get up. And what do you know? After a couple of hours I was able to nod off!

Minutes passed...


"Mommy! Will you please give me breakfast?"

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gina said...

2 hour delays are my biggest gripe... long enough to feel like you have extra time but if you start using that "extra" time all of a sudden you are like "Oh my gosh- we're gonna be late!" I'm like all or nothing please- so far, to my daughter's dismay it's been nothing. lol. However, we are expecting the ice storm tonight... and tom. is only a half of day- they can't call a 2 hr delay on a 3 hour day, so we'll see.