Monday, January 26, 2009

Where's Moondoggie?



There's a member of my family that I don't think I've written about yet. Yup, my dog Gidget. Wasn't she cute when she was a puppy? I got her right after we'd moved in to our new house and gotten brand new carpet. Okay, so that might not have been the brightest idea, but how could I resist that cute face?

Over the last few years, we've gotten Gidget numerous toys to play with. Most have ended up in her tummy within minutes of her receiving it. She's a chewing machine! But we have found one type of toy that will actually last for months - a tug toy. She loves her tug toy! If you ask her where her toy is, she'll get all excited and run and get it. But she has this crazy little game she likes to play with my husband and me. She'll bring her toy to my husband and try to get him to take it. He'll say, "Take it to Wendy!" Off she trots over to me. But does she give me her toy? No. She'll stay just out of arm's reach with it and taunt me with it. So I tell her to take it back to my husband, which she does, and she'll try anything to get him to grab it. She'll try to force it into his hand, drop it on his lap, etc. Um, hello? My husband just doesn't get it. Why will Gidget try to get him to take it, but keep it away from me? I'll tell you why. My dog is a stinker!

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MoonGoddess said...

Gidget is such a cutie! & no, new carpet or not, you can not as a human being with a heart resist a face like that!