Friday, January 16, 2009

Itsy Bitsy

My husband and I went out and had a lot of really good laughs tonight. No, we weren't seeing the latest comedy at the theater. We went and watched my daughter's "Itsy Bitsy Fun Sports" class at the Y. Watching 4 to 6 year olds trying to figure out what they're supposed to be doing is a hoot!

The class started with the teachers trying to get the kids to stand on a line and put their arms up to make sure that they weren't touching their neighbor. This took a good bit of time and the kids still ended up clumped together. Next came the stretching. The teachers would demonstrate a stretch and the kids would try to copy it. Or not. Arms and legs were going everywhere except where they were supposed to go. When it came to the arm stretches, a few of the kids were doing things that would have been considered rude in some countries. Ahem.

The real fun came in when they tried to teach the kids how to play kickball. After explaining the game for about 15 minutes, then walking the kids around each base so they could see where they needed to go, the game started. Kind of. The kids would kick the ball, or not, then just stand there. All the parents are in the stands yelling, "Run!", but the children wouldn't budge. Eventually, one of the teachers would go and scoot the kids toward first base. They would also forget to run to the next base, so there'd be a pileup at first base. Some of the runners would go chasing after the ball that their teammate had just kicked, helping out the opposing team. Some would just start running all over the gym instead of to the next base. It was fun to watch a huge group of kids from the outfield all running after the ball, then not knowing what to do when they'd gotten it. I really wish I had a video camera with me!

Are you wondering what my little darling did? When she was up, she tried to kick the ball, missed it, but somehow still managed to stop it. She then kicked it while it was just sitting there and ran for first base - hooray! She got to first base and noticed that no one was paying attention, so she stole second. Then third. Then home. Yup, she stole 3 bases without anyone even noticing. She was the only kid there to steal a base. Should I be proud? She was pretty proud of herself after that! Little stinker.


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