Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ho, ho, ho! Merry January 7th!


Just when I thought the holidays were over, they pull me back in! My daughter's school was supposed to have their holiday program before winter break, but the school ended up being closed due to snow. They had tried to reschedule it to get it in before the break, but more snow foiled their plans.

But wait! Don't put away your holiday sweater yet!

Today, January 7th, the parents all got to pack in to the school cafeteria to hear our kids sing Christmas and Hannukah songs. I have to say that my daughter's class was pretty cute singing their songs, even if they did look a bit confused. Are we having Christmas again? Apparently, yes.

Christmas also continues at my own home. I have yet to take down a single ornament from my tree, the garland from my staircase or the icicle lights from my roofline. Yes, I know. They should have come down already. Maybe this weekend...

Oh, and just for good measure... In an earlier post I mentioned a shameful family tradition - losing gifts before they're given. I was so proud of myself this year for not letting it happen. Clearly I've broken free of that mold.

What? What present? Doh!

Yes, I found a forgotten present a couple of days ago. Oh, the shame...


MoonGoddess said...

my mom ALWAYS hides gifts from herself. we end up getting gifts meant for Christmas in February!

...her other tradition is to always leave on all price tags.

The holidays are still in effect in my house, since I just haven't taken the time to pack it all away. My own tradition is that I end up finding decorations for a couple of months!k

Wendy said...

Okay, I have to admit that I'm guilty of the price tag thing, too. Again, a family tradition. It just wouldn't be Christmas otherwise.

gina said...

That happened to my sister when we were kids- or should i say it happened to my parents. and it was a big one. to prevent this... i keep detailed lists of every item- where i am storing it and who it's from . I keep this list until all gifts are open and accounted for. it works!

Wendy said...

But Gina, how do you keep from losing the list? Yes, I'm incorrigible. :o)