Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hold your breath!

My daughter started her latest session of swimming lessons yesterday. She's been taking swimming lessons since she was a baby, which could lead one to believe that she'd be an excellent swimmer by now. Um, no. She's never made it out of the beginning class.

It's not that she doesn't like to swim. She really loves to be in the water and gets excited to go to her lessons. She just manages to weasel her way out of having to do things in her class. You see, she's cute, tiny and very charming. She uses it to get extra attention from adults which includes extra help in the swimming pool. She never has to try anything on her own.

Unless Mommy is in the pool with her... If I'm going to put on a bathing suit and go out in public, she's going to go under water.

1 comment:

gina said...

lol. yeah, i'd be tossing her in. ;)